Exclusive Interview with Alonzo

YOUR MEDICINE is the new upcoming debut single of Rockford, Illinois native, ALONZO.  After viewing a huge new billboard of this artist in his hometown on social media, we were very intrigued.  We had to learn more about his beginnings, his journey to Los Angeles and why YOUR MEDICINE is set to be the song of Summer 2019.

Hi Alonzo.  What was it like growing up in Rockford, Illinois? 

Growing up in Rockford had its ups and its downs. I would say I come from very humble beginnings but I know being raised in Rockford has a lot to do with the strength that I have today. Life was not easy to say the least but my passions and my gifts have helped me persevere. Although Rockford is the 3rdlargest city in the state of Illinois, Rockford is still considered a small town. There are not many opportunities there for a dreamer like me. All I can remember is telling myself that one day I’m going to change all of this. It’s been my mission ever since.

What is your musical background and when did you decide to make that move to the big city of LA? 

Music has always been a part of my life. My grandfather played multiple instruments and had a recording studio. My uncle was a musician and singer. Growing up, I was in choirs and all city musicals. As a teenager I won several back to back talent shows dancing Michael Jackson impersonations. In high school, I started a dance crew that went on several television shows including the semifinals on Americas Got Talent. Due to all of my success as a dancer/choreographer, everyone in the city knew me as a dancer and there was no changing that. My move to LA was important because it allowed me to have a blank canvas. I needed to go somewhere where no one knew me to become the singer I always I knew I was. I made the big move to LA in 2015.

We definitely hear the R&B influences in your ROCK.  What are your favorite R&B artists? 

I wouldn’t say I’ve been influenced much by R&B the influence you hear is SOUL. Some of my favorite soul singers are Patti Labelle, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, & Tina Turner. These are all singers with church roots that have gone on to sing different genres but we forever hear the soul in their voices. I’ve definitely taken after these 4 women.

How would you describe your stage show? 

I’d say seeing me live in 1 word is POWERFUL. You will get goosebumps, you may cry, and you may even laugh. I’ve been told that my show is an “Emotional Roller Coaster”. I always give my heart and I understand that I am on that stage for the people

In what ways is your debut release different from what your fans may be used to? 

I think my fans are used to me singing ballads. Those are the powerful moments that clubs in LA know me for. My highest viewed video on YouTube is also a ballad. People love to hear me sing emotional songs. The difference with this debut release is that it is NOT a ballad. I wanted to make clear from day 1 that I cannot be placed in a box. I am more than a ballad singer I am an entertainer. The biggest difference with this song is that my fans get to see a more edgy side of me. They get to see me dance (My first gift). It was so important for me on this debut release to ensure that I do not just become known as a ballad singer.

What would be your dream venue in which to perform and favorite cities yet to play? 

Honestly my dream venue is not a huge name. It is a sold out concert at the BMO Centre in my hometown. I’ve imagined myself performing there since I was a child and the night I sell out that place will truly be a monumental moment in my life.

Which famous musicians have you learned from?

I’d say my biggest influences are big voice women. Patti Labelle, Fantasia, & Jessie J to name a few. I’d say my biggest inspiration is Beyoncé. Its beyond music with her though. Her work ethic, the way she moves through the business and the list goes on. She inspires me more than anyone. It is my biggest goal to be the first male signed to her Record Label.

Where do you like to unwind and chill in LA?  Any favorite spots? 

AT HOME ha! Seriously I’m such a home body. My place is so comfy & cozy. Just driving anywhere in LA and finding parking gives me a headache. When I want to unwind and chill I prefer to just stay home, relax and be stress free.

When can we start adding YOUR MEDICINE to our playlists? 

Your Medicine will be available on all streaming platforms on Wednesday July 31st! Please Pre-Order now! The more Pre-Orders I get the easier it will be for me to chart on the day of the release.

Here’s the link: itunes.apple.com/album/id1469020730?ls=1&app=itunes

Please list your social media links and SPOTIFY link.

My Website: iamalonzo.com

Instagram @ StoryOfAlonzo:www.instagram.com/storyofalonzo/

Thank you Alonzo!

Thank you so much for this interview! I value your time and I do not take this opportunity for granted!

End of Interview