2 Piece Band The Cold Stares Release New Music/LP

A complete blues rock album layered with searing drum fills and dazzling electric guitars, the collective efforts of Chris Tapp and Brian Mullins deliver a gem to behold as the Cold Stares, entitled Heavy Shoes. Such a delight to experience from the beginning note to the final beat, this collection of a dozen tunes never fails to grant delight and satisfaction to both the amateur and even most avid blues fan.

It can be genuinely noted that this duet grants us a creative work of a mature group able to churn out music for their fans like a well-oiled machine. Their personality certainly shows through the entire record, as Tapp and Mullins unleash their spirits in a groove of wit, passion and energy, a musical consciousness that blows the listener away. Each song is neatly placed in the proper order, spelling out the fabric of slower, lighter riffs to the meatiest and most heavy.

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A powerful effort of synchronization in each area of the making of Heavy Shoes displays the heart of these veteran rockers. Every nuance is covered thoroughly in aiding the final mastered product, proving it’s worth as a grand and noteworthy blues rock album, an epic work to lead all others during the start of this new decade. Cold Stares vision is simple and effective, promoting their skills in composing beautiful, lush blues ideas, with concise results in digging at the roots of how to create blues in its most classic form.

Bluesy rock creations such as “Take This Body From Me” and “It’s Game” show the bands wonderful broad palate of creative flair, at times serene and delicate with supple lead vocals, with other tracks more passionate and majestic in scope. A delight to listen to, Heavy Shoes delivers quality in every facet, within the time in the studio writing, to the job well done recording, mastering, and throughout the engineering and production process.

“In the Nighttime” is yet another reason why this album finds me blown away with each and every new listen, touching on themes of battling fears, worries and strife and conquering the forces of darkness during this pandemic era, eagerly seeking new hope, a fresh new start, a triumph of the human condition. “Prosecution Blues” is smothered with juicy pentatonic riffs and eloquent lead solo electric guitars, buzzing the senses with a wall of distortion and magical delight, like a freight train racing through the night, with only one objective in mind, seeking the joy of the morning sunrise.

A must listen for any listener’s cd library, Heavy Shoes should be placed high on one’s list for records most captivating and enjoyable in 2021. The tone of the album shifts from tune to tune, the tug and pull of the heart is felt with each stunning hook, mesmerizing vocal and scintillating percussion roll, hypnotic and fully listenable from the drop of the needle, complete with a myriad of wonderful melodic surprises in each new spin.


The Cold Stares – Heavy Shoes [Official Music Video]

The Cold Stares “Heavy Shoes” is the title track from their upcoming album, out everywhere August 13. Stream / download tracks, pre-order on CD, LP or Digit…

I guess I couldn’t fail to write that this album was a joy to hear, well done in all respects. A notable effort, the twelve songs are just simply put: fun. The partnership of Tapp and Mullins as Cold Stares do a fine job in presenting a cache a powerful material, effective and sterling in vision, an assortment of detailed tunes heartfelt and genuine in melodic prowess.

I shouldn’t leave out that each new fan cannot help but to notice how this duet feeds off each other instrumentally with great precision and surprising ease, punching out music with hurricane like force.

To cap it off, Heavy Shoes holds its own and should generate itself as a piece of art timeless in form. For it’s a record that conveys the growth and maturity of an ever-evolving band that is Cold Stares, an artist whose future is very bright. This effort is a surefire steppingstone toward greater things, as they continue to dazzle us with well-constructed, viable tunes in this amiable listen.

Clay Burton