2020 SCR Gang Prevention Concert FEAT Yung Praise

2020 SCR Gang Prevention Concert FEAT Yung Praise

What an amazing time at the Glenview Community Center orchestrated by South Camp’s very own KingCo and Yung Praise on Saturday, January 25th. God gave KingCo a vision and he and Yung Praise took that vision and made it a reality. They were joined by gospel artists and singers like B-Radical, D-Mercy and Slim Veezy all out of Memphis and out of Pope, MS; The Delta Boys and more amazing artists.

The building was packed as the celebration of Christ added joy and inspiration to the lives of many! Prizes were given for winners of raffle tickets and games for everyone who attended. There was an abundance of free food; and who doesn’t like free food?? Women, men and children alike danced, sang and rejoiced to the great music and positive vibes. Memphis is better because of this event and we applaud KingCo and Yung Praise for being obedient and pushing the vision and purpose. We are looking forward to more from these great artists and leaders of the South Camp family.

Felicia Whitmore

SouthCamp Media Division


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