Questioning Conventional Ideas and Exploring Religious Symbols with Jarring Electronic Goth Beats: Aspiring Band Let There Be Darkness Unveils Inspiring New Album

With the release of their unique new album, Let There Be Darkness is psyched and ready to soar to new heights, establishing their position as the new face of Electronic Goth and Industrial music Los […]

Mesmerizing Listeners with Rich and Dynamic Blends of Old School Hip Hop and New Age R&B Mixes: Budding Artist #9NINE Unveils New Album Stressing that Hip Hop Music Matters

Crafting a unique and characteristic vibe in the fast-paced, varied world of Hip Hop and Rap, up-and-coming singer, and song writer, #9NINE is all set to captivate listeners, as he builds on his own brand […]

Captivating Listeners with Stirring and Relatable Pop Music: Rising Singer and Song writer Cowboy is Set to Become the Sound of the Genre with New Single

Motivated to soar, as he inspires listeners with his rich and magnetic musical compositions, budding artist Cowboy hopes to break into the musical world, with a soulful new Pop single, titled “Out of Mind”. Newport […]

Channeling Healing, Growth, and Purpose through Music: MadHatterMusic’s Noir Dream Inspire with New Single

Building lives with the healing power of music,’s dynamic founding members, Noir Dream, are driven to ignite hope, compassion, and healing, with their soul-stirring new single, “Re-Programe”. Woodland, Washington – June 30th, 2021 – […]

Celebrating Black Resilience and Inspiring Change with Classical and Experimental Music: Introducing Film/ Media Composer Joyce Oh

Berklee Film Scoring graduate and rising composer Joyce Oh is driven to use the power of enriching musical compositions, to empower compelling narratives, while igniting social change, with her scoring for film “Unlike Any Other”. […]