“3” and “Run” from Singer/Songwriter Lecretia Ann

In her new singles “3” and “Run,” country singer/songwriter Lecretia Ann establishes herself as a go-to source for old school country thrills inside of two must-listen tracks for Nashville enthusiasts. While “3” is the more balladic of these two songs, there’s never any question in either performance as to whether or not Lecretia Ann is a player who can wear her heart on her sleeve when she’s singing. She’s got an incredible passion that you just don’t come by every day in this industry, and that’s putting it rather mildly.

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“Run” has a great rhythmic center from which every cathartic melody is distributed to us, but I wouldn’t say that its bread and butter consists of big country grooves alone. In this track, Lecretia Ann is putting as much stock into her own versatility as a crooner as she is the backing band’s steady beat, and although it’s definitely one of the more potently addictive numbers from her debut album, I don’t think that it overshadows its single counterpart here at all. Both of these songs show us different sides of the same coin, which is important at this early stage of Lecretia Ann’s budding career.

“3” feels more like a vocal showcase than it does any sort of showing of instrumental strength, but this isn’t to dismiss what the string section is getting away with in this track at all. Contrarily, the fact that this does feel as singer-centric as it does is more a testament to Lecretia Ann’s skillset than it is saying anything about the band supporting her both of these new songs; truth be told, they have to be a pretty decent group of players to be able to keep up with a singer who has as natural a talent as this incredible young woman does.

Lecretia Ann

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Both of these tracks are sporting a masterful production value, and in my initial sit-downs with Lecretia Ann’s catalogue, I couldn’t help feeling like she prides herself on having a keen attention to detail in the studio. If that weren’t the case, I don’t believe that either of these two singles would sting with as many intricacies as they do no matter how many times I’ve listened to them. There’s as much being contributed from the melodic faceting as there is Lecretia Ann’s own lyrics, which isn’t always the case in mainstream country music (and in recent times, unfortunately, the genre’s storied underground as well).

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It’s still a little early to tell what Lecretia Ann is going to do with her career – and, more importantly, how far she’s going to go as a professional singer/songwriter – but judging from the looks of “3” and “Run,” she’s got a depth to her artistry that will warrant another go-round in the recording studio without question. Country music is one of the tougher genres in the American pop lexicon to succeed in, but with the chops that this performer is bringing with her to the show, I think she’s going to do just fine in the long-run.

Clay Burton

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