3Angle “I Don’t Want Nobody” (feat. Alton)

“I don’t want nobody / I don’t want nobody, baby / But you,” croons Alton in his new collaboration with acclaimed Italian beat syndicate 3Angle, “I Don’t Want Nobody,” and in every word that his lips emit, we hear just as much emotion as we do in the rich musicality that dominates the background in this white-hot single. Alton has no time for enigmas in this track; he and 3Angle are intent on getting us on our feet and dancing to the rhythm of the beat, which much like the lyrics is quite simple yet impossible for most of us to resist.

The synthesizers are surprisingly warm and affective in “I Don’t Want Nobody,” which stands in stark contrast with some of the other synth-driven pop music that I’ve been spinning lately. There’s nothing tinny about their tonality, and moreover, the relationship that they develop with the bassline feels organic right from the get-go. There’s never a moment where it sounds like we’re listening to something robotic in this single; contrarily, everything here – synths included – is a naturally evocative element that impacts and shapes the narrative of the song. That alone makes “I Don’t Want Nobody” a worthwhile listen this summer if you ask me.

BEATPORT: www.beatport.com/track/i-dont-want-nobody-extended-mix-original-mix/11833503

There’s a lot of bass in this track, but it’s not nearly as overindulgent a component as I was anticipating it would be. Much like the synthesizers, the bassline has a very flexible construction that allows for maximum fluidity in the beat, making it all the easier for us to focus our attention on the percussive thrust and the lead vocal from Alton. In this respect, “I Don’t Want Nobody” is a bit of a masterclass for some of 3Angle’s less than erudite peers who, in recent memory, have been failing to produce on the same level that this incredible group is every time they emerge from the studio.

Alton’s vocal literally pierces through the atmospheric melody in this song like nothing else does, but were it not as forceful as it is towards the conclusion, the music might not have been as engaging as it ultimately is in this form. His singing ties everything together in this single, and in more ways than one, transforms it from an ordinary club song into something far more urbane and intellectually stimulating. He’s got quite a gift, and it’s good to see him exploiting it for all that it’s worth in this latest release with 3Angle.

If you love good club music, or smart electronic pop in general, this new track from 3Angle and Alton is a must-listen this August. This has been a summer of mixed results across the spectrum of pop music, and regardless of what part of the world you call home, there’s been a lot more action left of the dial than there has been on the mainstream side of the industry. Artists like these are keeping the independent spirit of their genre alive in this ever-changing musical landscape of ours, and hopefully this won’t be the last collaboration that they gift us with before the year is out.

Clay Burton