August 22, 2018 (Memphis, TN) – Release of 9OH1’s “Malibu”

9OH1, formed in 2017. New music blended perfectly with Pop, Hiphop and R&B; 9OH1 has performed multiple venues together and is finally releasing their first single. Malibu, released by South Camp Records, is hoped to be one of the most successful singles pushed. “I just can’t wait till people hear what they are capable of” says CEO of South Camp, Joel Robinson. Its blend of genres becomes more refreshing every time you rewind it. Joel says, “job well done!”

Press Reviews:

This smooth r&b tempo is one of my favorite genres to listen to. This is really great dance music with its lyrics not really focusing on important topics, but still enjoyable to listen to. The melody to the song is really captivating as well. The atmospherics, along with the melody is a great combination.

I like this song, I imagine myself as the audience having the time of my life with hear the lyrics and the artist’s voice in my head. The artist is talented with the sway of his words. I could tell this singer puts a lot into his work and should see him going places. 09-Aug-2018

The song is awesome, its very wavy i like the chorus its on point. I don’t think this track could be improved its perfect. I’ll definitely listen to this song every day this song definitely puts the listener in a good mood. this song will definitely work well in parties.

The male rapper on this track voice is like no other performer I have ever heard. I like the upbeat sound and tempo of the instrumentals used on this song. the song is very creative production and lyrically. I also like the sexy sound of the male artist voice.

This song has a relaxing and soothing element to it. It also has a funky melody which sounds quite quirky. The singer has vocals which you can easily focus on. They are very smooth and deep. This song has lots going on for it and i feel it is a hit.

9OH1, by 9OH1

9OH1 by 9OH1, released 07 August 2018 1. Malibu 2. Malibu (Clean)