A sit-down with Mr. Kelvin Frazier

Hey Kelvin! Thank you for making time for us today! Fill us in on what has been happening in your world in 2019!

Do you have a favorite song you released this year? If so, why?  

“Roller Coaster” was my favorite release this year because it is a fun song that speaks about one of my favorite activity. I love going to theme parks and riding roller coaster, so I thought why not write a song about it.

If you could blink your eyes and be in a favorite place right now, where would that be?

I would be back in Japan at Universal Studies. I visited it once back in 2016 and had an amazing time there. The people where friendly and the rides were extreme.

What are your plans for new music? Any details you can share?

I plan to release an album with a tour in 2020. I am still in the planning stages, but the goal is to expand into the UK market as well. Stay tuned!

Tell us if you had to pick one – what would be a good theme song for your life?

My first singe “Marked and Scarred”. I had so much pain in my life with struggle trying to fit in or losing love ones, but I found my own strength to overcome. The scars are just my battle wounds that I wear proudly to see how strong I am and to keep going.

Anything else you would like our readers to know?

Look out for me in 2020. I have some big plans coming up.

List your social media link and Spotify please so our readers can find you.

SPOTIFY: open.spotify.com/artist/6Abee4j01PFn2DEThuxvYH

INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/kelvinmusicllc/

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/KelvinMusicLLC/

TWITTER: twitter.com/KelvinMusicLLC

Purchase My Music (available on all major digital platforms)

WEBSITE: www.kelvinfrazier.com/

End of Interview