A Visual Unlike Anything Released In The Northwest


Our Time Has Come

Three Independent Artists from Oregon are about to release a high energy song about not being understood in the Music Industry,
and not being afraid to stand up and fight for their right to be recognized without any major support.

The Single
MARCIN VIIVIIVII, Whitey NW, & BoiiAiris teamed up to create a completely unique listening experience.
Elements of trap, punk and alternative hip hop mix with explicit lyrics, aggressive verses and a mellow catchy hook that make this single sound like no other.
The song releases on September 3rd, 2021 on all major streaming platforms.
This is the last recorded song and music video in Oregon before MARCIN VIIVIIVII made the move to Los Angeles, CA to further pursue his career in music.

The Music Video
The visual is unlike anything that has ever been released out of the Northwest.
The video contains firing firearms, marijuana and alcohol use.
It was filmed in a trap house in Dallas, Oregon and on a logging road on top of an Oregon mountain.
The video has a perfect blend between country woods and big city.
This is the only time we have seen the Portland and Rural Oregon cultures come together in a music video.
This music video will drop September 10th, 2021 on YouTube.
It was edited & directed by MARCIN VIIVIIVII.

American Trap Artist and Label Owner of Fvck Muzic Records–FVMZ
Currently living in Los Angeles, CA.–Born in Kenosha, WI.– Raised in Portland, OR.

List of Top Ten Portland, OR. Rappers on YouTube
This List is based solely off YouTube numbers
MARCIN VIIVIIVII is ranked 8th out of all Portland, Oregon Rappers.

Visit Fvck Muzic Records website at: fvckmuzic.com/
Marcin Viiviivii Links: fvckmuzic.com/marcinviiviivii/


“Fvck Muzic Records” or “FVMZ” Is an American Independent Record Label Located in Los Angeles, California. Created & Owned by Brandon Marcin 3 artists are currently on this label: MARCIN VIIVIIVII, BoiiAiris & Whitey All vocal recording, mixing, mastering, video editing, video directing, beat production, video filming, editing & directing is done IN HOUSE.