Press Release Writing Service
We can take your concepts and an understanding of your business and create a impactful press release for you to post on your blog, distribute through PR distribution services for on your website.

Website Development and Review
Our sister company, Nationwide Barcode, gets a 9-10% conversion rate from visitors on the web. This translates to 10-15 new clients each and every day. We have fine tuned the keywords, the text and the message to be web-friendly, to judiciously use Google Adwords and track everything through Google Analytics. If you want more web traffic, let us know….we can help.

Sales, Sales Management, Business Consulting
Phil Peretz, CEO of Media Media has a track record of successful sales and sales management. Peretz has driven commercial sales through a team of 80 sales reps and 6 regional sales managers for Kinko’s Inc. throughout the 1990’s with more account managers breaking the Million Dollar Sales mark than any of his peers. He went on to co-manage Purchasing Services Agency, a non-profit in San Francisco, VP of Sales for Acutrack, Inc., and founder of CDDVD Now. After selling CDDVD Now, Peretz co-founded Nationwide Barcode where they have reached the 8,000 customer mark this month (in two years). Concurrent to this, Phil Peretz and wife/partner, Catherine Young-Peretz run Media Media Inc. working with small to medium sized businesses develop their own success.

Peretz has authored two books for Musicians and two business training workbooks, A Employer’s Perspective to Getting the Job (also an important primer for Manager’s to read) and How to Hire the Right Salesperson. With over 1000 hires under his belt, Peretz has learned what it takes to get the right employee.

Business Resources
If you need it, more than likely, we can get it. With Printing, Management, Manufacturing and business contacts, there is a good chance that we can point you in the right direction for what you need.

Social Media Integration
This is our favorite. We have learned to take a strategic view of integrating Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo, MySpace and make it work…and bring business. Read more

Print and CD/DVD production
Peretz has been a member of Printing Industries of Northern California and Printing Industries of America for decades.
If you need print, traditional, digital or variable data printing, we can help source this.

Professional Problem Solving…
Sometimes you just need to talk to someone who has gone through the daily flurry and excitement of sales, marketing, advertising, promotion, hiring, firing, employee benefits, bookkeeping and holding a business together.

Graphic and Logo Design
We have a group of Reno and Bay Area Designers that we use for all logo design. We can create simple to complex designs specializing in print and web-friendly composition

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