“Ain’t A Boss” by Quon

Quon is something of a veteran in the Hip Hop community. Coming up in the Arizona and Texas area, Quon plied his trade on the local club scene. He considers himself a product of the usual suspects and in some cases, the Mt. Rushmore of Hip Hop. His newest, “Ain’t A Boss” is a direct shot at social media moguls and influencers who have developed an exaggerated sense of importance. The song suggests that having a social media omnipresence accounts for little credibility in the real world.

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Quon isn’t one to mince words, and his verbal assault is in full force from the jump. A lot of what he Raps we can’t print here, but let’s just say that Quon doesn’t hold back his true thoughts. If this is your first exposure to Quon, you’ll soon realize just how competent his delivery is. There are a lot of Rappers who try to cram as many syllables as they can into a verse. Quon let’s things breathe, but doesn’t mumble rap, either.

Clocking in at less than 3 minutes this is a relatively short piece. It leaves you wanting more, but Quon gets his point across emphatically in that time. On Instagram you a boss bitch/but in real life you a lost bitch. Many of us harbor these thoughts, but don’t dare speak them. Thankfully for us, Quon speaks his truth with unyielding candor.


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In the video for “Ain’t No Boss,” we get to see exactly what qualities have made Quon the respected figure he is. He somewhat hilariously combines a focused confidence, mature swagger, and a cantankerous slant, isochronously. He comes across like your profane Uncle who is also the wisest sage, you know. Quon keeps things simple with the video, with a few location changes, and some special guests. Take some time to check this one out, as it’s well spent.

Everything about “Ain’t A Boss” is top quality. From the production to Quon’s performance, this track should be on every Hip Hop aficionado’s playlist. Quon has developed a distinct sound and atmospheric touch that makes him instantly recognizable. You can hear just a touch of Lil’ Troy in his approach, but the Quon experience is unique unto itself. This is sophisticated Hip Hop music that doesn’t sacrifice its grit in order to satisfy an illusory master.

Aint A Boss

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Quon opens “Ain’t A Boss,” with a positive and uplifting spoken word section  about community and following your dreams. So often, we forego the most positive aspects of Rap music, in order to emphasize the more bombastic elements. Social Media on the other hand has seemingly created more negative stereotypes and divisiveness than any uncensored art form. The beauty of Hip Hop, when it’s done like it is on “Ain’t A Boss” is that it calls out injustice and deception. Quon is a credible voice, commenting on a decidedly modern issue. We’re fortunate to have someone of his caliber who is bold enough to still actually care. “Ain’t A Boss” is now available on all platforms.

Clay Burton