Amber Adair – Songwriter and Poet

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Location: Louisville, Kentucky, United States
The best comparison to the siren’s sound, and her life, would be that of a top spinning with no set course on where it might land. Although this spontaneous route of action is not best for all musicians, Amber Adair doesn’t want to limit herself.
Biography: Louisville, Kentucky – Amber Adair is a song writer and a poet. Her sound is not typical to other singers or writers in the music industry. She is truly unique. You can listen to one song, think a bit, then listen to another. She is contagious! Her sound is like an extremely expensive bottle of wine. You just can’t put that bottle down.

Such is the stylings of Amber Adair. With a whisper of a voice and a huge musical talent, her music is “out there”. “It’s taking words, sounds and beats – throwing them on a blank canvas hoping it comes out right. We’re not perfect in anyway, but it’s those quirky imperfections that makes this music work.”

Her new single, “what I say do” was released on iTunes. Her song, “sanity” was chosen for release on PromoFM. Her new album ,”dry hussle” will feature her new single, what I say do.” This part of her life was representative of a life in motion. With a future unknown (as we all have), Amber worried about which road to take. It was a good thing for all of us that she decided to pick up her brother’s guitar.

“Sanity” is a fun, dance song. The idea was to create a mix. Her EP, “take note”, is a compilation of what the mind can accomplish with a little bit of imagination.

Great music to listen to.

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– Grace

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Amber Adair Take Note (self-released)
Tis a busy season in the independent state of music these days: no longer are the people who record their own stuff in their garage, basement or bedroom just anti-establishment freaks – communists even! Nowadays, with waves of technology, each one leaving more stuff in its wake, everyone and his grandmother can be a recording artist. It’s become harder lately to separate the wheat from the chaff because there are lots of wonderful, original and iconoclastic artists out there who, because they’re just getting started or due to the fact that they want complete control of the music they write and record and/or they just prefer the life of an “indie” artist; but man, there sure is a lot of “chaff” that one must pick through in order to get to the good stuff.
Take one case: Amber Adair. She isn’t some fabrication of Sony Entertainment, she’s an honest-to-goodness real person; a person with some talent. She wrote a bunch of songs and instead of being treated like so much meat by these corporate bastards, she decided to put out her music her way, the way she wanted it to sound and the continuity that she wanted to follow. The result is Take Note her DIY debut that is full of a rich voice, pleasant sounds like the simple-sounding piano noodlings, the quietly weeping guitars and the layered production. I just don’t know about too over-produced records, though, since the real proof is in the pudding, so to speak. So let’s hope that Amber can go out on stage, sit down at a piano and sing those songs in that same steady, breathy way that she seems to do so well on her debut. Songs like “Sanity” “Burnin’ Up” show a breadth of character and a real yearning to be taken seriously, along with an ease of adaptability.
In days of yore, that was the job of the record label: to go out and search clubs and the various scenes, where new things and ideas were being thought up by geniuses not heard from since. But anyway, their job was to see all the bands they could at all the places they could get to and from that wide list, whittle it down. Obviously there were ones that were just not ready for the “big time” and those for whom obscurity was a must-be – something that was either decreed from on high or other times when the self-imposed pre-exile was what they were in it for, after all (they didn’t want to give up their anonymity) they weren’t in it for the money.
Nowadays things are so different it’s like the 1960s were a hundred years ago – that is until you actually listen to some of the more talented and well-crafted pop songs as well as experimental stuff – music that sometimes was made by the same people on different sides of a record – when you sit back and listen to, say, “Pet Sounds” or “Vincebus Eruptum” you can actually hear a continuum to today’s music and realize that the more things change, the more they really do stay the same – it’s not just a cliché!
So, “Take Note” of Amber Adair, she is bound to show up again and again and with the talent shown she can do her own thing and whatever that happens to be, we’ll all be the luckier for it. (

– KM.

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