American Greed Releases Two More Singles

American Greed is the type of heartland Rock and Roll, that is either in danger of extinction, or incredibly difficult to find. We’ve seen fads, come and go, but blues and soul based Rock, has never deserved to be classified as a trend. It is of course the olive branch that has allowed most if not all other genres, that use electric instruments, to exist. To hear American Greed has dropped two new songs, is a dose of  oxygen, indeed. Founded, by Michael Mesey, the former drummer of Chuck Berry and Head East, American Greed already touts an impressive pedigree.


With a name as aggressively declarative as American Greed, you would have anticipated a different vibe than what their current offerings, carry. It seems as though the band has chosen to focus on the solution, rather than the problem. “Livin The Dream” is a concentrated, well composed piece, that suggests embracing what we have. The lyrics are thoughtful, humble, and share the wisdom accrued, in the duration of a life that was once driven by what we gain, at the expense of what we learn.

The production is top notch, here, allowing every section and instrument to breathe. The vocals have remarkable clarity, and the musicians shine, by turn. All you’ve got to do/is find your way, is painfully simple yet enormously useful advice. It’s a simple message for simple people, and simplicity is an applicable component to virtually everyone’s existence. This a well performed and well-presented piece of music, by a group of pros.

Of the two tracks, “Together” is the one that leaps out at you. It’s essentially a love song, of course, but the impassioned delivery gives a greater sense of immediacy. American Greed’s music has a throwback feel to it, but it’s apparent lack of self-awareness, or unwillingness to indulge it, somehow makes it more enjoyable. “Together” is that song that seems like it would have been on the soundtrack to an 80’s John Candy movie. It isn’t necessarily wholesome in spirit, but it succeeds in being so.

“Together” is more verbose, lyrically than “Livin The Dream.” The latter tends to fall back on repetition to get its message, across. “Together” tells a story that’s more accessible to visualization. The parts move along, at a more accelerated pace, though it still identifies as a ballad. There is  tremendous interplay among the band, on this one, that again tips its hat to the seasoned players, that comprise it.


American Greed seem like a band from yester-decades, but their message is probably even more relevant than ever. When everything and everyone seems so impossibly overwhelming, what can you do other than surrender to the reality that is undeniably yours? When the life that you have made, and that you share with your own community of certainties, seems to no longer have a foundation, universally speaking, you turn inward. It advocates taking a hard look at what matters, and perhaps more importantly, what doesn’t. If music that doesn’t insist on its own glory, or avarice, became more prevalent, maybe we could all live the dream, together.

Clay Burton

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