American Idol & X-Factor Said No, MVB Records Gave Her A Record Deal

American Idol & X-Factor Said No, MVB Records Gave Her A Record Deal

Getting turned down by American Idol, and  X-Factor, would be enough to make anyone give up on their dreams. But we’re guessing that New Yorkers are built tougher than most other people. Meet Jewels. A young Puerto Rican female music artist, born and raised in one of the most rugged neighborhoods in Bronx, New York. Jewels was recently signed by a popular New York record label called MVB Records; around the end of Summer 2019.

Jewels’ come-up in the music business; prior to signing to MVB Records, was not easy, to say the least. She dealt with the usual shady characters who either wanted sex or to scam her out of her money. And as if that was not enough, she was turned down not once, but twice, in front of millions of viewers on American Idol and X-Factor.

After the heart-break from those two mega-talent TV shows, Jewels completely fell back from music. It was not until she made the decision to study the technical side of the creation of music, that she caught the creative bug again. After reclaiming the juice to venture forward with her singing career, Jewels also began offering her writing services to other up-and-coming music artists.

One day the owner MVB Records, Abdel ‘Sosa’ Russell, discovered her on the page of his label’s Hip Hop artist’s Instagram account, and the rest is history. Now you can catch Jewels at the famous Quad Recording Studios in Manhattan, racking up 8-hour studio sessions, working feverishly on new music.

Currently, she has 3 singles released: “Fallin”, “Move For Me”, and her latest, “Let You Go”. Reportedly there is a music video in the works for “Let You Go”. After listening to her music, we have no idea how this song-bird got rejected by American Idol and X-Factor, but maybe there was something greater waiting for her, and we’re hoping that she found it.

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