Amphibious Craft – 10 Track Eclectronic / Electro House Album by OUTERGROUND

Eclectronic / electro house album released 05.12. 2020

10 track album & follow up to last years Ghosts on the Machine, honing a hard edged, square format, 130bpm, sequenced instrument, bass driven set into a new new electro sound with references to Kraftwerk, Humanoid and 808 State in addition to influences from across house music, old and new.

Evolving across the tracks, movement is the defining feature of this offering, often surprising the listener with gentle curves, dropping down from hard electro into a soft, melodious house sound.

Live urban field recordings slip in here and there. Recordings made in downtown Philadelphia, Central Park NYC & the artist’s garden at dawn infuse the music on occasion with an ambient real world, 5th wall.

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Amphibious Craft Production

Produced during the tumultuous lock down of 2020, there is a sense of tension in this album, reflective of unprecedented and often stark adjustment to pandemic living in the age of strongman politics, but undaunted, there is hope and melody, a strong heartbeat and harmony here.

Music has the power to transcend strife and uplift the mind in positive ways, it can provide an escape and a healing panacea for both the listener and the artist

Interconnecting different moods is an essential part of the process for Outerground. Weaving disparate influences into a new sound for AMPHIBIOUS was key to production, utilising
multi-layered instruments, arpeggiation with complicated rhythms over simple 4/4 beats, doubled up bass lines, multiple melodies & intertwined FX enveloping, creating a sense of movement and space across the 10 tracks.

The glitch ridden sound of 2019’s Ghosts in the Machine is repeatedly referenced, adding a touch of not quite random chaos to the mix.


The album contains a tribute to not one but two stellar influences sadly departed from the electronic music circuits in 2020. Florian Florian is dedicated to the one and only late, great Hérr Schneider and his influence can be felt across the tracks on this late autumn offering. RIP Scream is dedicated to the late and equally great Andy – The Guv’nor Weatherall who gave so much of his life, energy and craft to the UK music landscape and sadly passed long before his time, earlier in 2020.

UPC/EAN 5059580698652

Track List

1) Anaconda Planet 3:20 – ISRC GBLFP2101098

2) Florian Florian 3:44 – ISRC GBLFP2101105

3) Gold Panning 3:13- ISRC GBLFP2101112

4) Rapunzing Philly 5:34 – ISRC GBLFP2101115

5) Sublimation Chronicles 3:24 – ISRC GBLFP2101118

6) Rip Scream 2:28 – ISRC GBLFP2101120

7) Zangoolia Squared 4:44 – ISRC GBLFP2101124

8) Multigrain Frequency 2:50 – ISRC GBLFP2101127

9) Chombombiza Tronce 3:46 ISRC GBLFP2101131

10) Lockdown Sequel 2:17 – ISRC GBLFP2101134

Running Time 35:20

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