An Exclusive One-On-One With Top 25 iTunes And Billboard Emerging Artist Ed Roman

An Exclusive One-On-One With Top 25 iTunes And Billboard Emerging Artist Ed Roman

IMAAI: Hey Ed! We’ve been fans of yours for several years now. Thanks for finally sitting down with us for an interview. You have such an eclectic style in all you do. Tell us, what inspires Ed Roman to create?

Ed Roman: Just about everything under the sun and the sun itself of course. I’m inspired by the light of creation. That magical like moment that seems to come out of nowhere but it’s a part of everything. Always changing and morphing into new consequences as a result of actions and thought. Even during performance, there is a certain electricity that is circumnavigating everything that is happening. It’s not the funny “butterfly” thing…it’s actually bigger than that. Bigger than all of us. This is what makes the music live, exist and becomes the virtual hand and bond that guides us in every action. I like to ride it like a wild horse… painted red with feathers in my hair and my guitar in my hands like a gracious tool of pronunciation. Everything has been my teacher my character and my Cyclops. This is what fuels me every day.

IMAAI: What was the inspiration behind your ingenious music video for “Red Omen?”

ER: The best thing you can say to somebody with an open mind is you can’t do that. As a young child, I was labelled with the stigmata of dyslexia and was told I had a problem. Perhaps a good chance that I might not fit in… lol.. what is “in” lol. Today I see this verbal stall wart which was placed upon me as a gift and I wield it with pride, passion and exuberance for what it really is. Me..The song RED ONEN is a jumble of my own name and I felt it most apropos that someone such as myself dealing with dyslexia should create an “anagram” out of his own name. To tell the stories woven through my life like we all do. Sometimes they are fantastic and filled with excitement and almost read more like living books. I think life to be one of the most precious things that we have. We treat in a foul fashion much of the time and I wanted to illuminate all of the things that can enlighten the magic in ourselves.. That is of course the magic… Life.. LA VIE!

IMAAI: Congrats on many successes, awards, achievements…your video has been killing it at Film Festivals. How did that all start?

ER: Monster shout out of course at the beginning of this to my manager, friend and brother in arms Michael Stover.. We knew we had created something special working with somebody like nelson Diaz in New York City. I’ve always seen this song as a cartoon short and Nelson and his abilities fit in this project like the missing glove. He is an animator par-excellence and without his help this video wouldn’t be what it is today. He has an unbelievable background and the list of people he has worked with is staggering. I’m fortunate that I have him as a part of the team. Without Michael Stover’s help a lot of this wouldn’t be flowing and rolling the way that it is. For over a year now he’s been diligently working behind the scenes to make all of those amazing festivals around the world happen. There are more festivals to come and I’m very excited about the release to the public. This will be of course a part of a national fundraising campaign both public and corporate to raise money for tutoring programs for children that struggle with dyslexia.. Again the whole project has a bigger than me thing going on with it and I stand humbled in front of what has been created.

IMAAI: You’ll be heading to NYC in May/June for a bit of a mini-tour, some recording, and a premiere for your video. Tell us what’s going on there…

ER: This is correct! I will be living writing and working in New York City for the month of May as well as doing some wonderful recordings. Brooklyn New York boasts so many fantastic things one of which is Leesta Vall Sound Recordings. Run by Aaron Zimmer, I will be a part of these very cool one of a kind directive vinyl recordings that are now in pre-sale. Very cool experience for me and fans of the music..

At the same time I’ll be on some very cool stages like the “Bitter End” on May19th the “Caffeine Underground” in Brooklyn on May 24th the “RL Hotel Brooklyn” live Stage May 16,20,21. “Pianos” May 22nd as well as a bunch of television and radio appearances all over the city. I’m hoping to see some New Jersey peeps as well..

The video is scheduled for 23 May. Working with Nelson Diaz and Sue Hall from positive dyslexia we will be doing a live streaming event for the public in New York. This is really our kick off to the corporate and public fundraising campaign as I was mentioning earlier. Asking so kindly to anybody that is willing to support this cause for children’s education.

IMAAI: Any parting words for your fans, Ed?

Ed Roman. First off I must say thank you so kindly for having me and it’s always a pleasure to be able to speak with you. I see the next six months as a beautiful moment where many things are starting to come into alignment.

Ed Roman

Ed Roman is an Award-winning singer/songwriter, performer and multi-instrumentalist from Shelburne, Ontario, Canada. Blurring the lines between pop, rock, folk, and country music genres, Ed’s uniquely crafted songs have received regular rotation on more than 100 terrestrial radio stations across North America and more than 400 stations, worldwide.