Andrew Adkins Talks About Battling Anxiety, Depression In Spacey New Single

Acclaimed Nashville singer/songwriter Andrew Adkins will be releasing his new album Rattlesnake Motions on July 8, 2022. This is Adkins’ first full-length offering of new material since 2020’s The Echoist. “Satellite Mind” is the 2nd single from the album. The song draws a parallel between someone coming unraveled, mentally checking out, and the infinite void of interstellar travel. Why the contrast, you might ask. Andrew is no stranger to the struggles of mental health. He has been battling depression since a young age. Over the course of the last few years, anxiety has reared its surly head into Adkins’ path. As the condition had become so bad, the veteran alt-rock musician walked away from touring and live performances altogether. In “Satellite Mind” Andrew draws comparisons to outer space in dealing with these disorders. The vastness and the infinite feeling of loneliness are much like a sky full of stars. The menacing grip of helplessness as though you are being thrown into the weightless, cosmic atmosphere feels akin to the feeling where sometimes your mind takes you within the depths of your psyche.
Rattlesnake Motions includes 11 new tunes, all written, produced, and recorded solely by Andrew, himself. The eclectic collection of songs maintains a genre fluidity throughout from neo-psychedelic, roots-based folk-rock, synth-heavy space-jams, experimental soundscapes, and groove-centric funk.
Rattlesnake Motions is available for pre-order at, Digitally, it can be pre-added on Apple Music, and pre-saved via Spotify, and all streaming platforms.
Rattlesnake Motion’s track-list
Satellite Mind
Broken Fangs
Divided Lines
Mysterious Engines
Beautiful and Free
Death Rattles
Into Dust
Whites Creek Rose
The Explosions In My Head
Random Cloud Patterns

Rattlesnake Motions was produced and mixed by Adkins at Electrahead Media in East Nashville, Tennessee.

Media Detail:
Company name: Cosmosis Oceans
Contact person: Sylvie Clarke
Phone number: (615) 909-1397

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