Artists To Have On Your Radar: Giulia

Artists To Have On Your Radar: Giulia

Following the success of her sultry alt-pop release ‘Trippin’, Italian enigma Giulia has returned and is ready and rearing to get 2020 underway. After a successful 2019 with ‘Trippin’ and some valuable life opportunities, which included flying out to the States during December, its evident this singer-songwriter should be on your music radar throughout this month and beyond.

Taking it back to July 26th, 2019, breakout star Giulia returned from a short break in music with her interplanetary new music video for her critically acclaimed single ‘Trippin’. The visual is an intergalactic exploration of love and desire. Set in space, the video features cosmic visuals, spaceship motifs, and Giulia’s commandingly enthralling stage presence.

The first in a trilogy of music videos, ‘Trippin’ is the first installment in a series of genre-fluid music videos that are set to be released over the coming months. Comprised of ‘Trippin’, ‘Lolita’, and ‘Love to Hate You’, the tryptic traverses themes and settings to create a cohesive three-part musical and visual experience that is literally out of this world.

After the release of ‘Trippin’, Giulia jetted off to New York to have some very important music meetings, as well as taking some downtime to see the new year in. Now back for 2020, Giulia plans to release the two additional music videos, alongside some more material in the next coming months.


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