As the vinyl industry continues its sonic boon, more dedwax marked for release in 2020

As the vinyl industry continues its sonic boon, more dedwax marked for release in 2020

As the vinyl industry continues its sonic boon, more dedwax marked for release in 2020

Artist, producer, writer, Jay Justin Hutchinson, known also as Jay Burden, has disappeared. Some might say he died, or is ded. Those who’ve known Jay or are familiar with his work are used to a revolving musical atmosphere. Claiming to have “…started a new band every year, since grade school” Hutchinson has fronted, written for, produced and performed with 20+ acts in the DC region, LA and the Carolinas.

Most recently, Juxt, set 10 years after the release of his first full-length album, with the band, Just.

The common thread throughout Jay’s work is his almost unnatural ability to create and capture something beautiful from what may seem like little to work with.

Tangled in his family’s small-town roots and learning to work with the limited resources that come from growing up the 3rd son of a divorced couple, Jay has managed to consistently weave his influences into his work by tracing the line back to a clean signal, tapping in and drawing access from the direct source.

dedwax / defined by urban dictionary as the circle on a vinyl record between the music and label / first performed in 2012, is Burden’s direct source to capture and broadcast the cleanest signal and frequency from the waves of his mind, body, and soul.

Standing Wav[e] is the debut full-length release and attempt to capture Jay’s burden in dedwax. Producing, writing and recording the 13 track album alongside Hutchinson, is wife and partner of nearly a decade, film Producer Mahrya MacIntire, though this is not your typical husband/wife, singer/songwriting outfit. The childhood home and bedroom-recorded Standing Wav[e] is laced with torn threads of bygone relationships, tormented and mentally strained from the attempt to remain stable in an unstable world, coping with having to learn new ways of coping in and out of a fractured society and how or where to find access to love again.

Standing Wav[e] is due for release in Spring of 2020 on an independent label

Hutchinson and MacIntire are a traveling one-man/one-woman show. At appearances, Jay performs songs on and off the new album while Mahrya projects and manipulates original images in real-time, both fueling and feeding on the energies of the crowd

Come participate “in the exchange of energy for currency” or “just watch” as the direct source reveals itself before your varied eyes

Jay received the “Burden” nomenclature as recognition for the memorable melodic hooks he would write/add to verse-heavy collaborations with early groups

Burden in musical terms is the refrain that repeats at the end of a stanza or verse

The term “Burden”, has eerily followed Jay since it first appeared as a typo on his driving permit. The misspelling appeared twice after an attempt to correct the error with the DMV

Standing Wav[e] will be the third release from dedwax following two EP releases; Class Action Hero in 2016 and the 12” vinyl release of From Scratch in 2014

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