Ashes To Dust SIngle Released In Advance of Jason Brock’s Facebook Live Concert.

For Release November 25, 2020
Michael Swingler
Ventura Artists’ Union

Brock’s third single of 2020 will be performed live online with Ventura locals Herd Of Cats.

Ventura, CA. November 25, 2020 As the COVID-19 pandemic surges into winter, online entertainment is in high demand and Facebook live streaming is one way musicians like Jason Brock can perform in front of audiences that are virtually attending from anywhere on the planet. With his new single being officially released on December 3rd, his birthday, Brock is using online platforms to connect with fans, friends and family from the safety of their own homes. The vehicle is music, the goal is engagement. The virtual concert will take place on Friday December 4th at 7:30 pm PST.

“For this show I’ve put together a new band,” says Brock, “and the rehearsals are sounding great.” The band, Heard of Cats, features Ventura local musicians Lance Charles, Doug Chandler, George Clig, and Art CItizen Joe Davis. The band also features Jacqueline Moore of Maya Lumen. “Having Jacqueline on bass really adds a flavor to the sound that we’ve been missing,” states Brock, It’s great to have her in the mix.”

With the Heard of Cats, and the Alt Country stylings of Ashes To Dust, Jason’s sound is taking on more of a southern drawl in tone and approach. The single carves out a new direction in Brock’s Rock and Roll career. Attendees of the December 4th Livestream can expect warmer toned down versions of the more brash and distorted recordings of his songs.

Live streaming will never replace actual live performances, but for now, it’s all we’ve got. If we take it slow, and we rock and roll, we’ll look back, and we will smile.

The single, Ashes To Dust, was recorded at Brock’s home in Ventura California, and is the third release in a series of singles Brock has produced in 2020. He plans to keep recording from home until the pandemic subsides.

Jason Brock is a member of the Ventura Artists’ Union, and currently serves as an administrator of He posts free to share remixes under the pseudonym Spinningmerkaba. Over his career he has recorded and performed with Grammy award winning artists John Jones, Steve Ferrone along with artist Emily RIchards, Orangehand, and The Art City Monsters.

Watch the Livestream performance on Facebook @jlbrock44

Jason Brock

This is a picture of Jason Brock hanging out backstage with Eddie Vedder in 1993. True or False? I challenge I challenge __________ @jlbrock44 #thejasonbrockiknow


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From his first band Blowtorch Opera to OrangeHand to Art City Monsters, Jason Brock carves out wide grooves of sound in the independent music scene. As guitarist for Emily Richard’s he toured the US in a historic moment during the birth of online music distribution. As remix artist Spinningmerkaba, his Creative Commons remixes are featured in audio and video productions all over the world. Now on Spotify, Brock’s solo albums and legacy continue to keep pace with the evolution of music culture. Thanks for being a part of the journey.