Astraea releases ‘Tonight I Run’

Astraea releases ‘Tonight I Run’

‘Tonight I Run’ is the new song from one of the biggest names in music that you’ve never heard of. Astræa, who is one of the industry’s go-to producer’s, has worked with everyone from Jack Savoretti to Ward Thomas, and has had her own music included in programs like Love Island.

She’s not normally in the limelight, but with ‘Tonight I Run’, she is finally stepping out from behind the producer desk to stand in front of the microphone.

‘Tonight I Run’ is a powerful statement of intent from one of the biggest producers in the business. Astræa makes no secret of the fact that she felt that she had to work much harder to get somewhere in a field that is overwhelmingly male-dominated. This song documents her struggles but is characterized by her triumphs.

“I want ‘Tonight I Run’ to be a source of motivation and inspiration for anyone feeling beaten down by the world and themselves,” says Astræa. The song begins with pianos blended into synth sounds, creating an atmospheric mood before Astræa’s vocals take over, ever-impressive but just one piece of a perfect puzzle, all elements of the composition fitting together effortlessly. The vocal line is sweeping and climbs in anticipation of the chorus, which, when it arrives, sounds like Astræa is flying.

The song is understated and exquisite and sees Astræa taking the time out to tell her own story, for what is the very first time. It smacks of the great female artists who have come before her, such as Kate Bush, Bjork, Taylor Swift, and more, but still manages to sound exactly like Astræa, a sound which, hopefully, we will get to hear much more of in the future.


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