Astraea shows off resilience with ‘Tonight I Run’

Astraea shows off resilience with ‘Tonight I Run’

Astraea is a multi-talented woman with sought-after producer, singer-songwriter, and musician as
strings to her creative bow. In her new single ‘Tonight I Run’, she documents how hard she has
worked to secure her place in a male-dominated environment. The joyful backing has a Eurovision
pop-esque structure without being cheesy and her hauntingly beautiful lead vocal is like honey for
the ears.

Interestingly, people might recognize Astraea’s dulcet tones from the 2018 ‘You’re Not Alone’ which
was used as the song for the ‘By Your Side’ television advertising campaign for Lloyds Bank as a sea of black horses ran across the beach (albeit without the appropriate paperwork and permission from the local authority but let’s not split hairs).

Lyrically, the track reflects on just how far in the music industry Astraea has really come and that
even though it has had the occasional obstacle the overall outcome is a victorious one.

In summary, fans of Nerina Pallot and Judith Owen will connect with the meaningful material whilst people who enjoy the female empowerment of Taylor Swift and P!nk will respect Astraea’s


The official website for Astræa. You’re Not Alone is out now! Stream/download music and buy tickets here.