Audio Street

AudioStreet.Net came together literally overnight. There was no planning, no board meetings, no business lunches, no story boards, no advertising budgets, no marketing meetings…. just a crazy idea, and a group of driven individuals willing to make it a reality.

It all started in December of 2003 when founders Jason Rodman and Joe Raio came up with an idea for a new online music community to meet the changing needs of independent artists. This idea was something they had thought about in the past, but one that was not made a reality until now.

In light of other services being too expensive or not geared directly towards the artist, they knew that now would be the perfect time to build an even better service for artists around the world.

Being both Jason and Joe hail from musical backgrounds, they have seen first hand the results of what an online presence can do for a band. Because of this they decided that this would be a great idea and to move forward making AudioStreet.Net a reality.

This site that would be put together would be no ordinary music site, but a site that would allow musicians to carve out their own home on the web. A place for artists to showcase their music. A place for bands to advertise their shows in hopes of getting more people to come out and see them. And most importantly, a place for bands to establish a name for themselves and interact with fans and other musicians from all around the globe.

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