Experimental, Metal and Progressive Rock. This Singer Will Bring All of The Three to The Music World, Introducing Riccardo Moccia.

Riccardo Moccia is an experimental, metal, and progressive rock composer that is determined to break in the music industry through compositions, arrangements, and unique musical performances. RM, Roma – June 10, 2021 – Riccardo Moccia […]

Re-discovering the Importance of Optimism, Truth, and Logic with Pop and World Music: Kevin Michael McDaniel Unveils Inspiring New Album

With the release of his refreshing new album, Kevin Michael McDaniel is ready to soar to new heights, establishing his position as the new face of Pop and World music. Honolulu, Hawaii  – June 25th, […]

Exploring the Dynamics of Love, Family, Relationships and God through Relatable Music: Rising Hip Hop Superstar LilTonyRose Makes a Definitive Statement With New Album

LilTonyRose aspires to find true love using his craft with his greatest work yet- new album titled “The Rap Therapist”. San Marcos, Texas – July 19th, 2021 – The world of pop, hip hop, and […]

Telling Stories of Love, Loss, and Tragedy: Larenzo Dutoni is Redefining the Pop-Rock Genre With His Newest Release Titled “Tonight (Sleep Tight My Love)”

“Tonight (Sleep Tight My Love)” is Indie progressive Rock at its unapologetic finest as Larenzo Dutoni channels his heartbreak into purgative, liberating music, for himself and his fans. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – July 16th, […]