Celebrating Living Life Like a Party with Intoxicating Electronic and Jazz Beats: Producer Consciousnaes Unveils New EP

With his moving and captivating new EP, Producer Consciousnaes is enthusiastic to channel his passion for Jazz, Electronic and World Music into empowering listeners to enjoy every moment of life like a party Durham, North […]

Embrace the Crossroads of Stirring Classic and Contemporary Indie Folk Styles: Rising Artist Miller Mountain Music Unveils New Anthem “Get Up, Get Out”.

Highlighting a rich and soul-stirring mix through diverse and soulful storytelling styles, rising indie artist Miller Mountain Music is on the right track towards success, soaring onward and upward with memorable instrumentation and vocal prowess. […]

Detailing Life Through Invoking The Power Of Melodic Hip Hop Beats That Energise: Senior To Drop His Second Album Break & Tell

Giving listeners an insight into the tumultuous life of a rising artist, Senior seeks to shed light on his life through his soothing voice, calming all those who listen to his tracks, for a journey […]

Pensive and Moving Indie-Pop and Alternative Rhythms: Emerging Australian Artist Logan Skinner Driven to Succeed

Catapulting to success with his rich, sensory, and moving singles, budding singer-song writer Logan Skinner, is bound to become the best new breakthrough from Australia, as he uses his talents to highlight burning personal struggles. […]

Exploring the Mystery of Faith through Soul-Stirring Acoustic and Americana Music: Veteran Folk and Americana Artist Kevin Danzig Unveils New Single

Stunning listeners with the authenticity and moving brilliance that he brings to the Americana and Folk scene; seasoned artist Kevin Danzig is driven to move onward and upward, with his captivating single, “The Mystery of […]

Captivating Country Rhythms Fused with Enriching Alternative Beats: Rising Singer-Songwriter James Emerich Unveils New Single

With the release of his refreshing new single, James Emerich is psyched and ready to soar to new heights, establishing his position as the new face of Alternative and Country music. Windsor, Connecticut –July 15th, […]

Passionate and Stirring Blends of Soul, Country, and Rap: Rising Artist Swanga Swang Unveils Riveting New Single

Channeling his passion for music into compositions that reflect both his versatility and originality, eclectic artist Swanga Swang is driven to inspire and enthrall listeners, with new release, titled “It’s Over”. Houston, Texas- July 12th, […]