Airwaves Spectacular is an original Alternative Pop/Rock band from Baltimore MD. hoc tieng anh bat dau jaxtina But having many influences Airwaves Spectacular’s sound is a blend of good alternative to modern 80’s. . về cach lam viec cua nguoi nhat uy tin tai TPHCM uy tin tai During this two year period we developed, synthesized, and sim do trang tri sinh nhat tphcm CD’s were manufactured in a very limited quantity, and have been spotted on going for over $500. (yes, you read that correctly…over five hundred dollars!). If this CD is not in your collection, here’s your chance trung tam jaxtina tot khong đánh giá clearing and professional support.plified many energy psychology tiếng anh doanh Nghiệp . mier rock and roll band, visit the 7th Order Reverb Nation page: dich vu seo tai TPHCM You can either purchase all of the items in our store at posted prices or you can subscribe to our site and download as many as you would 12 cung hoang dao trong tieng anh like for free. Scroll down to sign up for only $15.00. We will be adding 5-10 new titles a week.

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Time Zone International Records (TZIR) is here!

Time Zone International Records (TZIR) is here!

Time Zone International Records(TZIR) was established in 2012 with the purpose to help independent artists. The CEO & Owner is Marlon Calder.

TZIR wants independent artists to understand how to make a career out of being a musician.

The company has many divisions including but not limited to the following; Underground Railroad (URR), No Phear, TZIR Merchanding, and others.

Mr. Calder said; “Time is a measurement that everyone lives by and music is an international language that everyone understands.” As the CEO Mr.Calder is determined to become successful with TZIR talented musicians that is a part of the organization.

Time Zone International Records is an independent record label that includes artists, songwriters, producers, and engineers. The label prides itself that it caters to all genres of music.

However, It is Mr. Calder’s vision to see Reggae & Dancehall not only fused with hip-hop and other genres but more so for this genre to be mainstream and respected around the world.

The company has now teamed up with 15-years veteran Renee Terrelonge owner of Terrelonge Recordings and Longe Management company to foster new artist to its roster.

Time Zone International Records (TZIR) roster includes No Phear, Blam Nation, Venomous Touch, Young Jazz, Jay Varsity, and Buck Million. Under the direction of the Mr.Calder, the company artists collectively streamed over 500 Million streams on Spotify, SoundCloud, google play, Napster, Tidal and more.

Mr. Calder goals are to find talented artists to sign and allow them to share their talent with the world. The teaming up of Mr.Calder and Ms.Terrelonge the expectations and delivery can only be as it should become a reckoning force in the music industry.

For more information on the organization, one can visit:
Twitter: @timezoneinternationalrecords


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Understanding who is Hideyuki Kuromiya?

Understanding who is Hideyuki Kuromiya?

Download Hideyuki Kuromiya new album “Picasso Code” today from Itunes!

Hideyuki Kuromiya is known by many for his looping and repeats in his vocal style. Hearing his voice is that out of this time zone which presents him the opportunity to fill a void that is missing in the music industry. To review his current material do not hesitate to visit his iTunes store or hear him on iTunes radio. His iTunes store is

The song “The Old Guitarist” off the album Picasso Code is full of great instrumentals that Radio/Club DJ’s will enjoy! The album provides freedom of range that allows Hideyuki Kuromiya to come to light.

As Hideyuki Kuromiya passion for his music goes along with his style, it shows his great diversity that can make him chart-topping. Beyond the scope, his voice has its own range, an up and down vector that is parallel to mainstream beats. The album “Picasso Code” continues to show his passion for what he does.

The Album includes fourteen songs which are: Young Girl with a Flower Basket, The Weeping Woman, The Old Guitarist, The Death of Casagemas, Massacre in Korea, Blue Room, Chicago Picasso, Bottle Glass Fork, Family of Saltimbanque, La Vie, Guernica, Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler, The Young Ladies of Avignon and Cat Catching a Bird. The album was released this year in 2018.

Social media links are:

To download and review the album visit iTunes:

For more information, you visit Hideyuki Kuromiya Blogs located here or any of her social media connections.


Picasso Code, Itunes download, the old Guitarist, Radio DJ’s, Instrumentals.


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