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Richard Lynch: “Country Music Is Not Dead!”

Richard Lynch: “Country Music Is Not Dead!”

Richard Lynch is coming off a terrific string of hit singles from his breakout album, “Mending Fences.” His duet with Grammy Winner, Rhonda Vincent, “Back In Love Again” topped the airplay charts, along with his solo tracks, “Cut and Paste” and the recent release, “Country Music Isn’t Country Anymore.” We sat down with Richard, to talk about his album, the state of country music, and whether he thought artists should share their political beliefs.

Is country music Dead?

Richard Lynch: No Country Music is not dead! What I see is lots of people searching for the real country music, the traditional country music. The name has been labelled on different types and genres of music that aren’t really country. But people are hungering, looking for the traditional sound and with the internet and social media they can find it, and they then come out to a live event to hear what the long for. We have a huge audience for our music

Congrats on the success of your album, “Mending Fences.” You’ve had some terrific successes in the singles. Any plans for another single from the album?

RL: Yes, we plan to release another song from the album soon.

What is the single biggest challenge facing music artists today?

RL: Getting airplay on mainstream outlets, mainly radio. Our music is well received and critically acclaimed but the only way to get mainstream airplay requires money to get it played. The internet has become the place to get
our music played, just getting to the audience from there is the challenge.

Tell us about a Richard Lynch live show. What should fans expect?

RL: A Richard Lynch Band live show is a group of dedicated musicians who have a huge respect and admiration for traditional country music and for the people who want to hear the music. You will hear some of my all time hero’s songs, you will hear our music and you will hear your favorites that you request! Our live show becomes a gathering of friends and family who love good traditional country music and camaraderie, we see people become friends from
attending our shows. At our barn where we have concerts we say Come for the barn, Stay for the music and Leave with a memory!

What was the first album or single that you bought with your own money?

RL: I think the first album I bought was a Waylon Jennings album; it had “Ain’t Living Long Like This” on it…a song I still perform in my live shows.

Where in the world would you love to play, that you haven’t and why?

RL: The Grand Ole Opry, because I have respect for the traditional country music and the traditional artists that made country music and the Grand Ole Opry the ultimate country music venue.

Should musicians get involved in politics, including posting about their political beliefs?

RL: I say no, because not all people that love country music don’t have the same beliefs or understand the other “side” of politics, it does not serve the music to alienate half the population.

Thanks for the fantastic conversation! Where can our readers find out more info about you?

RL: You can find me, the band and my music at THANK YOU!

For more information on Richard Lynch, please visit and


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Dallas Singer-Songwriter Clayton Morgan Tops iTunes Canada Chart

Dallas Singer-Songwriter Clayton Morgan Tops iTunes Canada Chart

“Morgan appears to be on his way to soaring to new heights” – Markus Druery, Neufutur Magazine

“It’s been several days. It’s been several hours. It’s been a long time. I still have this song stuck in my head” – Gustave Carlson, Vents Magazine

“Clayton Morgan warms up his listeners with a hot and spicy track” – Mindy McCall, NoDepression Magazine

It’s been quite a summer for Dallas r&b/soul/dance singer-songwriter Clayton Morgan. His critically acclaimed single, “Taste For Love” were released on June 29th, 2018. The remixes and official music video dropped on July 16th. Since then, the video has been named as an Indie Best Videos Festival Selection, and the single has been racking up airplay, charting on the Airplay Today charts.

Now, one of the remixes, “Taste For Love (Deep House Remix)” has topped the iTunes Canada Electronic Songs chart. The track reached the pole position on Thursday, September 13th, ahead of releases by Thom Yorke, Major Lazer, and FatBoy Slim.

“Yes, monumental! Omg! This is great news!” said Clayton, upon hearing of his #1 status. “Thank you to all of the fans for supporting this track. What a blessing.”

“Taste For Love (Deep House Remix)”

ABOUT CLAYTON MORGAN: Based in Dallas, TX, Clayton Morgan released his critically acclaimed single, “Taste For Love” back in June. The son of Four Sonics member, Eddie Daniels, Morgan has proven to be one of the most original and talented new artists to come out of the area, this year. Music played a big role in Clayton Morgan’s upbringing, both at home and at school. Clayton was regularly part of school musicals, choir groups and drama clubs. Outside of school, he always looked up to his father as his mentor and was also heavily influenced by a wide range of singers, including Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Prince, Madonna and Whitney Houston, to name a few. All of these ingredients combined, have no doubt, been the main contributing factor toward Clayton’s unique and authentic vocal style.

For more information, please visit


Watch the official video for “Taste For Love” (original mix) at


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Denver Glam Rockers Love Stallion Release Debut With Emmy Winner/Gold Record Producer Steve Avedis

Denver Glam Rockers Love Stallion Release Debut With Emmy Winner/Gold Record Producer Steve Avedis

Denver arena rock/glam band Love Stallion have released their debut album, produced by Emmy Award Winner and Certified Gold Record producer, Steve Avedis.

“Unforgettable Ride” is, definitely, one of the more unforgettable rock releases in recent memory. – Vents Magazine

“Love Stallion won’t be restricted to their home state long if they continue writing and recordings songs this good and their new album will likely expand their possibilities in ways they never imagined.” – MobAngeles

Inspired by the “big rock” sound of the 1970s and ’80s, rock stars like David Lee Roth and Freddie Mercury, and dynamic bands like Van Halen, Kiss, and Def Leppard, Love Stallion is charging onto the music scene with original glamorous hard rock. The band’s high energy live performances, flamboyant wardrobes of sequins, spandex and leather, and their signature “Sexy Disco Legs” have placed Love Stallion in the spotlight among Denver’s hottest tickets.

Now, Aaron Hart (vocals) and Crayton Huntly (aka Rob McLemore, guitars), along with Aero X (aka Aero Marquez, bass), have released their debut album, Unforgettable Ride. Recorded at Colorado Sound Studios with Emmy Award Winner and Certified Gold Album producer, Steve Avedis (Tony Bennett, NSYNC), “Unforgettable Ride” is already garnering critical praise from some of music’s top-ranked sites.

MTS Management Group has been brought in for publicity and promotion for the band. “This is the sound that I grew up with!” said Michael Stover, MTS President. “I was a HUGE fan of the hair metal genre, and I still listen to ‘Hair Nation’ on Sirius/XM. Bands like Whitesnake, Stryper, Slaughter, Winger, Warrant, etc. etc., were just fun acts to listen to. The musicianship was always top-notch and the live concerts were so exhilarating. Love Stallion is cut from the same cloth. I am so excited to be working with these guys!”

Love Stallion’s first single and video, “Slow Release” is available at

For a review or airplay copy of “Unforgettable Ride” please contact


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