Airwaves Spectacular is an original Alternative Pop/Rock band from Baltimore MD. hoc tieng anh bat dau jaxtina But having many influences Airwaves Spectacular’s sound is a blend of good alternative to modern 80’s. . về cach lam viec cua nguoi nhat uy tin tai TPHCM uy tin tai During this two year period we developed, synthesized, and sim do trang tri sinh nhat tphcm CD’s were manufactured in a very limited quantity, and have been spotted on going for over $500. (yes, you read that correctly…over five hundred dollars!). If this CD is not in your collection, here’s your chance trung tam jaxtina tot khong đánh giá clearing and professional support.plified many energy psychology tiếng anh doanh Nghiệp . mier rock and roll band, visit the 7th Order Reverb Nation page: dich vu seo tai TPHCM You can either purchase all of the items in our store at posted prices or you can subscribe to our site and download as many as you would 12 cung hoang dao trong tieng anh like for free. Scroll down to sign up for only $15.00. We will be adding 5-10 new titles a week.

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Jasson Finney: “The Adventures of Captain Pump” by Eileen Shapiro

Author, actor, CBS fitness expert Jasson Finney has created the first fitness Superhero within his new children’s book release “The Adventure of Captain Pump”.

The book is creating a buzz in schools and reviews have been phenomenal. Finney has possibly created the secret for children to grow up leading a healthy life, the most valuable thing that anyone can give their children. I spoke with Jasson regarding his new book and children’s reaction to the manuscript.

Since The Adventures of Captain Pump has been released and available, what have the reactions been to the first ever fitness superhero?

It’s been amazing! The book is flying off the shelves and Amazon is already running out of copies too. They will be ordering more so everyone can get a copy to help their kids “Save the Day the Healthy Way.” I have been doing interviews and TV appearances to promote, not only the book, but the importance of getting kids to be physically active and eat a healthier diet. So, the world’s first fitness superhero is hard at work to encourage and inspire kids to adopt healthy ways and habits.

Do you know what the “kids” reactions are?

The kids are loving Captain Pump! I am so happy! I have been receiving videos and messages from kids everywhere expressing how much they love the book and can’t wait to get the next one. Some have specific comments and questions which is so endearing and reflects how kids are embracing the new superhero and his Pumpland friends.

What is the next step for Captain Pump, will he continue to defend the villains of Pumpland?

Absolutely! Book one really is the introduction and the beginning of the first real Pumpland adventure. At the same time, the real-world challenges and stories and growing too. There are so many cool twists and turns in the coming books, and don’t forget Captain Pumps secret project that will reshape Pumpland as we know it.

As a personal trainer, I’m wondering what your clients think of your book?

They love it. A lot of them have young kids within the age range of the book. A few have told me that their kids read the book over the Christmas break and are already adopting some of the principles. At the end of this book and each one that will follow, there is an exercise and healthy eating section to help little “Pumpsters” start a fitness program suitable for our young readers.

How have the reviews been thus far?

So far it’s been unbelievable. I am so humbled by the amazing reviews. Captain Pump is getting praise for being a book that is great for kids and also for the parents who wish to live a healthy and fit life.

Get your copy of “The Adventures of Captain Pump: The World’s First Fitness Superhero” everywhere books are sold.

You can get your copy of Amazon here:

Visit Captain Pump at

Follow Captain Pump on Twitter @realcaptainpump

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U.K. Solo Artist of the Year Superstar Sam Stevens and Global Phenomena DJ Tony Moran Set To Release New Single Remix “Common Ground” Via TRAX Records February 14, 2019

Orgasmic House Label TRAX Records announces new remixed single “Common Ground” to be unleashed on February 14, 2019. The track features vocals by U.K. 2018 Solo Artist of the Year, Sam Stevens remixed by master producer and internationally acclaimed DJ Tony Moran.

A song appropriate and perhaps the very salvation for the destiny our planet, considering its current and critical climate, “Common Ground” was written by chart topping song writer, inspirational speaker and philanthropist, Mike Greenly, music professor Gil Polk and romantic pop artist Sam Stevens. The original mix has been creating a buzz as British Prime Minister Theresa May recently called for the people of Great British to find “common ground” in her Christmas speech last year. The topic was also mentioned by Golden Globe Film of the Year winner for Green Book, director/writer/producer, Peter Farrelly in his recent acceptance speech.

English artist, Singer/songwriter, Sam Stevens dashes back and forth over the pond bringing romantic inspiration to audiences through his heart felt passionate musical and lyrical compositions. Having just been awarded U.K. Solo Artist of the Year (2018), the handsome and charming “James Bond of the Music World” (dubbed by Huff Post and Louder Than War), has already stolen the hearts of many with sensuous hits including, “My Kind of Crazy”, “Don’t Cry”, and “Poetry in Motion.” It was shear destiny that Stevens combined creativity with Greenly, Polk and Moran and together they found a “Common Ground.”…..”I Believe in humanity. I really do believe in people.” Stevens stated. Regarding the song he went on to say: “All of us have incredible compassion and a sense of humanity. Every single one of us. We’re all programmed that way. The shame is we’ve allowed ourselves to be reprogrammed and divided for political expediency. We are being used and we’re losing our humanity. It’s time to get back to who we really are. By all means disagree with people but remember, people, ALL people, are predominately good and basically the same…..So, stop looking for the things that divide us and see the things that we have in common, our Common Ground.”

Anthony “Tony” Moran is a globally demanded D.J., record producer, remixer, Singer and songwriter, and a powerful master of all. In 2007 he was recognized for having hit number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart twice in one year with “Walk Away” featuring Kristine W, and “Keep Your Body Working” Martha Wash. He has also recently had 4 number one Billboard charted hits in 2016′ and 2017. Moran has remixed work from top artists including Madonna, George Michael, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Selena Gomez and many others. In 2016 he was ranked as one of the top 100 DJ’s of all time….. “I have been blessed to work with so many talented people in the music industry over decades of time. I have to say there is a key and common denominator that makes these people different from the outside pop singer category, and that is to have an identity. To have a signature that allows you to convey to communicate the songs in which you feel touch others. That is what I feel about Sam Stevens. That he is right up there at the top of being able to do that at the superstar level. That is how I feel about Sam Stevens and that is why it was such a pleasure to record him. So congratulations Sam Stevens and I can’t wait to see that chart position”.

Mike Greenly is an esteemed writer, author, entrepreneur, and lyricist, who is also the former vice president of Avon products. He is also known as an in-demand and world respected corporate motivational speech writer. As a lyricist he has worked with Kimberly Davis from Chic and Niles Rogers. Greenly has had several charting records including “With You” that reached number 4 on Billboard. He also had the honor of writing the state of Virginia’s anthem, “Our Great Virginia”. “I am proud to have co-written a song that expresses what I believe my country and the world most desperately needs-mutual respect, understanding and tolerance. I’m thrilled by what talented artists Sam Stevens and Tony Moran have created with the special dance mix!”

Gil Polk is an award-winning singer/song writer, having won the 2017 Top 40-page contest from the Nashville Songwriters Association International, for his song, “When You’re Awake”. He is also a U.K. International Song Contest Finalist, and International Song of the Year semifinalist. Aside from music Polk is also an actor who has appeared in films including: “The Sinner” and “The Jester”. “When we disregard entire populations or groups, political or otherwise, because they may hold collective believes different than our own, we are missing out on the strengths and the good that can rise from our COMMON beliefs. This song reminds us to keep our hearts and minds open to those possibilities as we search for the common ground we ALL share.”

TRAX Records is A legendary house music record label born in Chicago. It played a major role in the development of house music with records such as “Jamie Principle & Frankie Knuckle’s “Your Love”. TRAX was the first record company to put the DJs name on its label, thereby creating extreme demand for the DJ and causing their popularity to rise overwhelmingly. One of the first artists to be signed by TRAX was Screamin’ Racheal who is now the President of TRAX and dubbed “Queen of House Music” by Billboard Magazine. “Sam Stevens has a fantastic voice and is a wonderful live performer out of the UK. We are extremely excited about his TRAX debut “Common Ground” This is definitely going to be at dance floor SMASH HIT!!! How can you miss with the AMAZING Tony Moran as the remixer!!!!”

Photo Credit: Billy Hess

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“Little Killers A to Z: An Alphabet of Horror” By Howard Odentz Now Available In Audiobook Format

“Little Killers A to Z: An Alphabet of Horror” written by author Howard Odentz and narrated by Ken Kamlet is now available in audiobook format worldwide. Download your copy today!

EPIC award finalist Howard Odentz has penned 26 disturbingly fascinating horror stories about the youngest predators among us.

From Andy and Boris to Yuri and Zina, this eclectic anthology is filled, A to Z, with psychopaths, monsters, and murderers!

So turn on the lights, and huddle under your blankets because murder isn’t just for grown-ups anymore. Come meet our gallery of little killers.

After all, they’re dying to meet you!

Author and playwright Howard Odentz is a lifelong resident of the gray area between Western Massachusetts and North Central Connecticut. His love of the region is evident in his writing as he often incorporates the foothills of the Berkshires and the small towns of the Bay and Nutmeg states into his work.

The Gallery Of Killers

A is for Andy Who Watches His Dad

B is for Boris, and Rifka, and Vlad

C is for Cassie Who Owes Michael Myers

D is for Dan Who Gets Picked for the Pyres

E is for Emmett Who’s Always Behind

F is for Fern Who Has Murder in Mind

G is for Gil All Alone and Unhappy

H is for Hope Gone Ice Fishing for Crappie

I is for Ivy Who Lives on the Cape

J is for Jan on a Fire Escape

K is for Kieran Who Fights in a Ring

L is for Lee Who Wants Only One Thing

M is for Maura Who Builds a Partition

N is for Nancy Who Questions Tradition

O is for Oz Who Has Piss Poor Genetics

P is for Pam Who’s a Wiz with Cosmetics

Q is for Quinn Who’s an Animal Lover

R is for Rae Sent Away to Recover

S is for Stevie Who Must Pay His Dues

T is for Tommy with Nothing to Lose

U is for Uma Who Laughs at a Tumble

V is for Vicky Who Sees the World Crumble

W is for William Who’s Smitten a Little

X is for Xander Who’s Covered in Spittle

Y is for Yuri Who’s Prone to Predation

Z is for Zina Who Suffers Starvation 169

Download your copy of “Little Killers A to Z: An Alphabet of Horror” written by author Howard Odentz and narrated by Ken Kamlet in audiobook format on Audible here:

The official website for Howard Odentz may be found at

Follow Howard Odentz on Twitter @HowardOdentz

For interviews or more information contact

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Review: American High “U.N. Article 14” by Edmund Barker

The term “three chords and the truth” is one you get to throw out a lot when you review music, as it relates to a number of different genres. First used to describe the stripped-down, accessible style of both blues and country in the 1940s and before, it took on a new meaning in the ‘60s when singers like Bob Dylan emulated the style of classic American folk (so much so that Dylan’s first foray into electric guitars disappointed some folk purists). That’s not to say that American High’s new album “UN Article 14” sounds like ‘60s folk, per se (though the closing track “Belly” does have a feel and arrangement reminiscent of The Band’s 1968 classic “The Weight”.) Rather, the record jumps around between ska affectations on one song, to pop punk, to a danceable roots rock sound akin to Bruce Springsteen or John Mellencamp. And like those two artists, American High isn’t afraid to pair an accessible pop sheen with an impassioned, political message. The record’s title refers to an article in The UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which enshrines the right to seek asylum from persecution in other nations. American High uses this album to approach several different political topics from a perspective of compassion and humanism, which I quite appreciated.

An great example of the sort of message songs that appear on the album is “Cheye Calvo,” the track that has the ska-esque feel I mentioned in the previous paragraph. This is a tune I had covered previously when it was put out as a single, and its message remains just as important. A political ballad song that lands somewhere between reggae and pop punk, “Cheye Calvo” is about, well, former Berwyn Heights, MA mayor Cheye Calvo. In 2008 a delivery of a package of marijuana to Calvo’s Arizona home led to a SWAT team breaking in, holding his family at gunpoint and killing two of his dogs. It’s not hard to see why this heinous abuse of power became a flashpoint for civil rights groups, even those outside of the marijuana legalization movement (which, of course, has made some large strides since the incident occurred a decade ago.). “Cheye Calvo,” while functioning as an enraged protest song, also has a laid-back, sunny quality of ‘90s skate punk, partly owing to a catchy “na-na-na” bridge after the chorus. Most of the tracks on the album adhere to a general punk structure—loud, punchy, and under three minutes. “Test Pilot” is a perfect example of this, with its morbidly cheery and irresistible chorus of “I wanna die in a blue sky!”

If I had to pick a dark horse candidate for my favorite song on the record, though, it might have to be the wonderful “Fairfield, CA.” A tale of romantic regret and misery brought to life with a jaunty acoustic guitar and poppy harmonizing, “Fairfield, CA” reminds me of 1990s groups like Gin Blossoms. American High is a group that can tip its hat to multiple music scenes without it ever feeling forced, and one that has a lot of potential.
4/5 Stars

Follow American High on Twitter @AmericanHigh1

For more information on American High check out their website

Stream Cheye Calvo by American High on Reverbnation
Or on Soundcloud

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UK Singer/Songwriter Rob Palladino Releases Highly Anticipated Debut Album “Spirit Trail”

UK-based musician/singer/songwriter Rob Palladino has just released his highly anticipated debut album “Spirit Trail.” Now available worldwide, get your copy today!

After surviving his childhood in the rough-house area of Poplar in East London, Rob Palladino went on to be a musician of some 40 years’ professional experience. He toured and recorded as a drummer with various bands and artists in the UK, Europe and the United States, but never got to write his own material in those confines.

After he had to lay down his sticks due to a recurring shoulder injury in 2015, Palladino started to write his own songs. Tentatively at first, while all the time growing in confidence. Then, in the spring of 2017, he released his first three self-written songs on his “Half the Time” E.P.

“Spirit Trail” features seven songs, all written and arranged by Palladino himself and produced by fellow Essex musician Rob Jones. The songs are a glorious mash-up of his main influences from both heavy and progressive rock genres laced with a dash of spikey pop/punk alongside quieter and subtler, even operatic, moments.

Rob Palladino’s debut album is the distillation of all his years of music & life experience and being a backing musician that never found a true path. Now, he’s finally walking his own “Spirit Trail.”

“Spirit Trail” Track Listing:

1. King Death
2. Belief
3. You Walked Away
4. If I Could
5. Let the Rain Fall
6. Stage Fright
7. Spirit Trail

Follow Rob Palladino on the web:





For interviews with Rob Palladino or more information contact

Photo Credit: Clare Pieretti

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Garyk Lee Style TV Now Available on YouTube…Subscribe Today!

World Renowned Palm Springs artist/designer Garyk Lee’s web television series Garyk Lee Style TV is now available on YouTube. Watch the new episodes and subscribe today!

Garyk Lee Style TV is a How-To show focusing on home decor, fashion, dining and art delivered with stylish humor and special guest cameos.

Garyk Lee is a world renowned creator, artist, fashion designer and media personality who’s new show Garyk Lee Style TV is now available worldwide on YouTube. His work has been praised by some of the biggest names in the business including Mr. Blackwell, International Fashion Critic and designer Albert Nipon.

He created a fashion theater style runway show in honor of Christopher Reeve, where the new name “The Christopher Reeve Foundation” was launched. Dinner chairs for this amazing event included Steven Spielberg, Albert and Pearl Nipon, and Sherry Lansing, CEO of Paramount Studios.

For two years in a row he designed the Daytime Emmy Award gala gown for Palm Spring’s own Judith Chapman, star of “The Young and the Restless.”

Garyk’s expertise is in high demand and he works with his art by creating commissioned fashion, product designs, paintings and murals, including a charming old world motif on the side of a 3 story Venice beach boardwalk boutique hotel.

Watch the Garyk Lee Style TV Trailer here:

Garyk Lee Style TV Trailer

A how-to show focusing on home decor, fashion, dining and art delivered with stylish humor and special guest cameos.

Subscribe and Watch Garyk Lee Style TV on youtube here:

The official website of creator Garyk Lee may be found at

Follow Garyk Lee on Twitter @GarykLee1957

For interviews or more information contact

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Screamin’ Rachael To Release New TRAX Records Single “I Am House” On November 30, 2018

Queen of House Music Screamin’ Rachael is releasing her new TRAX Records single I Am House on Friday November 30th, 2018. Don’t miss this amazing new track!

Screamin’ Rachael who is known around the world as the Queen of House Music and the foremost female proponent of the genre as President of TRAX Records the original home of House Music is taking a strong stand with her new single I Am House. It is a collaboration with legendary House pioneer Joe Smooth whose visionary anthem “Promised Land” has made him one of the most important figures known internationally for House Music. Together they tell the story of the true lifestyle that they and House followers lead, while presenting a mix package coordinated, by Carmelo Carone featuring some of today’s hottest DJ’s, including AL-Faris, Moussa Clarke, Zak Gee, Sam Sky, Sascha Dive, and Sonny Francini.

Screamin’ Rachael has been named the “Queen of House Music” by Billboard Magazine. She was the first house artist to sign a major label deal and also launched the Hip House sound when she recorded Fun with Bad Boys with her mentor and friend, Afrika Bambaataa.

Born Rachael Cain – Rachael’s collaborations with notable artists including Bambaataa, Marshall Jefferson, Colonel Abrams, Grandmaster Melle Mel and others has resulted in a string of hits such as Real Thing and Rock Me which have made her club royalty. She has been the subject in a number of books, documentaries, and films including The History of House Music, Nightclubbing, The Last Party, Techno Style and the recent Hollywood release Party Monster.

The hit new single “I Am House” by Screamin’ Rachael will be available worldwide on all digital platforms on November 30, 2018.

The official website for TRAX Records may be found at

Follow Screamin’ Rachael on Twitter @RachaelCain

Follow Trax Records on Twitter @TRAXRECORDS

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World Renown Artist/Designer Garyk Lee Releases Trailer For Highly Anticipated New Style TV Show

World renown artist/designer Garyk Lee has just released the highly anticipated trailer for his new TV show, Garyk Lee Style TV: A how-to show focusing on home decor, fashion, dining and art delivered with stylish humor and special guest cameos.

Garyk Lee is an extremely well known creator, artist, fashion designer and media personality who is set to release his new television show Garyk Lee Style TV in November of this year. His work has been praised by some of the biggest names in the business including Mr. Blackwell, International Fashion Critic and designer Albert Nipon.

He created a fashion theater style runway show in honor of Christopher Reeve, where the new name “The Christopher Reeve Foundation” was launched. Dinner chairs for this amazing event included Steven Spielberg, Albert and Pearl Nipon, and Sherry Lansing, CEO of Paramount Studios.

For two years in a row he designed the Daytime Emmy Award gala gown for Palm Spring’s own Judith Chapman, star of “The Young and the Restless.”

Garyk’s expertise is in high demand and he works with his art by creating commissioned fashion, product designs, paintings and murals, including a charming old world motif on the side of a 3 story Venice beach boardwalk boutique hotel.

Watch the new trailer for Garyk Lee Style TV coming late November 2018:

The official website of creator Garyk Lee may be found at

Follow Garyk Lee on Twitter @GarykLee1957

For interviews or more information contact

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Grammy Nominee Chris Bennett and Jazz Giant Bill Marx Release New Album “Something Wonderful”

Grammy Nominee Chris Bennett and Jazz Giant Bill Marx have released an incredible new album entitled “Something Wonderful” which is now available worldwide. Download your copy today.

Grammy Nominee Chris Bennett got her professional start as a dancer and backup singer, playing Las Vegas and touring internationally behind Jim Nabors and Dean Martin. In Munich, Germany, Bennett met four-time Grammy winner, composer/producer Giorgio Moroder, the producer of Donna Summer, who is dubbed “The Father Of Disco,”, and was invited to join his emerging disco group Munich Machine. He chose Bennett to be the lead vocalist for their sophomore album that would contain a dance version of the Procol Harum rock classic, A Whiter Shade Of Pale. Bennett not only recorded the entire album, she also posed for the groundbreaking cover art. Bennett’s runway model’s body and movie star looks caused an international sensation, and made for one of the highest charting and highest grossing disco albums of 1978. Bennett worked with Moroder on several additional projects, including co-writing and singing the theme song to Midnight Express, Moroder’s bestselling soundtrack, which earned her a Grammy Nomination.

Bennett has appeared behind some of the biggest performers in music history, including backing disco diva Donna Summer on several of her biggest hits, including “MacArthur Park” and “Heaven Knows,” as well as working with Johnny Mathis and Rita Coolidge. As a songwriter, Bennett’s songs have been recorded by artists such as Tina Turner, The Manhattan Transfer, The Three Degrees, and Keb Mo.

Bennett is celebrating the release of her 12th album, “Something Wonderful” with just piano and voice, accompanied by jazz giant Bill Marx on the piano. A musical prodigy, Bill Marx is the heir to Hollywood royalty as the eldest son of Harpo Marx, and nephew of Groucho Marx of the legendary comedy family the “Marx Brothers”. Bill Marx is the musician who arranged his father’s most famous repertoire for the harp. “Something Wonderful” is an amazing “time- traveling” adventure with Chris Bennett through the Great American Songbook, with Marx as her guide.

Download your copy of “Something Wonderful” by Chris Bennett and Bill Marx on iTunes in the United States here:

The official website for Chris Bennett may be found at

Follow Chris Bennett on Twitter @ChrisBennettJaz

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Faith and Harry Rowan: “Just Be There” by Devin Lloyd

Photo by Columbia SC photographer Sean Rayford

A press release came across my email recently and I couldn’t help but notice….It was regarding 2 adorable young children, and I had to stop and listen. It was a haunting and compelling song entitled “Just Be There”, with captivating vocals and what I felt to be a heartfelt message. After researching the teen artists I liked them even more.

Faith and Harry ages 13 and 11 began at age 3 playing violin and classical music. At age 9 Faith began to compose her very own songs and lyrics. The two are multi-instrumentalists, accomplished on the violin, piano, and guitar. Harry also plays the drums and is a successful jazz pianist….Who does that? Especially at age 13 and 11….? I then found out these children write for magazines, and raise awareness to keep music in schools.

Faith sings the lyrics of the song as though she’s going through the loss of a friendship. Her voice is sultry and surprisingly mature. The song has a relevant topic and a certain drawing and addicting flair. It’s passionate, dramatic, and full of life. I listened to it several times, and then once again. Great job guys….keep it up! All of their hard work is paying off as they are accomplishing so much at such a young age, and should be congratulated.

I would certainly add this tune to my playlist. It’s melodic, and again very maturely composed. I’m waiting to see what is in the near future for these kids, as they have the whole package and I’m sure will go extremely far in the music world.

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Olga Perry: “A Utopia of Fantasy in the World of Art” by Eileen Shapiro

Surrealistic, fantasy, artist Olga Perry has opened up an electrifying, orgasmic world of self-creation in the world of art. A powerfully imaginative painter, realistic and relevant composer of sculpture, music video extraordinaire, classical keyboardist and songwriter, Olga uses her heart and every soulful resource and essence necessary to create.

After fleeing from Russia where she was a medical doctor, and raising a daughter as a single parent, she realized a new life in a strange land with two bags of belongings and a 50 word English vocabulary. She looked at this as a challenge to conquer instead of a burden to face. Her art reflects life’s experiences with a colorful endearing aspect of insanity. As in most facets of insanity the brilliance is apparent.

A keyboardist in the popular Psyche band Revolushn, Olga paints incessantly, whenever she can. Her paintings are am anomaly of treasures which will be displayed in New York City this winter with a rare few for sale. I spoke with Olga regarding her artistry, her intentions and influences. Inspired to be a full-time artist by her beloved husband, Olga continues to create profound kaleidoscopes of quintessence of life and cosmic sensibilities.

When did you first discover the world of art?

For my fourth birthday my father bought me a set of illustrated children’s encyclopedia. In the art section I stumbled on an illustration of Sistine Madonna, an oil painting by the Italian artist Raphael Sanzio. The striking beauty and information – that someone pained it by hand, all of it was incomprehensible to me.

Since, I was haunted for years by the question:” How?” Despite my amazement, it was not “ the moment of enlightenment” when I realized I am going to be an artist. I did not believe in myself and everyone around me confirmed that Rafael was not a good idol to be f0llowed in godless communist reality. And I had some other options to try.

Do you have an artistic specialty?

I would say, I have a lot of things in the creation field that I equally enjoy. It gives me varieties of options. It is hard to create in the same media all the time, it is easy to burnout and get in a creative loop. It usually takes me about 3 months and then I take a romantic vacation with another media. So, I have varieties of oil paintings, sculptures, video, animation, music video clips, radio podcasts, the keyboard player of “Revolushn” and I love all these activities. I switch between all of them back and forth.

What inspires your work?

It is a specific long-term concentration on a subject. Developing a single thought to a big picture with scrupulous details. Life itself is an inspiration. Life is a miracle and we know very little about life. We could assume that God put his glorious hands on the matter or we could replace God with the Big Bang Theory, or we can be a program in the program, alien nature crossed with primates, Evolution and bla bla bla —. Still the possibilities are endless. The problem is the goal itself. We attempt to put life and nature in an artificial construction of abstract limited symbols.

My inspiration is the miracle of my own existence. The possibility of you talking to me at this moment in the endless Universal game is zero. To me the goal of life is to live. Life is not the tool to get some goal. And it is my part — to create reality to my likeness — that is my inspiration.

And my work is visual materialized bits of my world that I built as my playground.
It never comes as ” Oh, something hit me in my top chakra all of the sudden, and I created a masterpiece in flames of inspiration. Jeeez.. It is not physical, it is more spiritual, the world of story tales, and I can create my own, free to do as I like and to my best at this moment of my existence. Because it is not how good it will be. It is how much of your own life is in it. I call it creating by heart.

Do you use a specific technique?

I use a technique that I call “Despite my teachers rules technique”.

I was a very difficult student, always asking too many questions.
For years of studying, I was told a lot of things like– you should paint that and this, no one paints like that, you cannot do that and you have to do this. And later on “We do not want your paintings, bring us your sculptures, why don’t you paint landscapes, paint horses, paint flowers” – (galleries requirement), your art is hard to sell, people think that you are crazy. Do not laugh, literally.

I was discovered by one of the successful hair dressers in Carmel, CA. He fell in love with my paintings and said he wants to remake the Destiny of Andy Warhol. But he brought all my paintings back in 4 weeks, saying people are wondering what drugs this artist takes and they were not really happy to see my art.

Anyway, only my latest teacher and a mentor Jesse Coursaut taught me to paint exactly how I see it in my head. He developed a special way for my paintings, it includes – choice of surface, surface preparation, choice of media, and specific paint brands. Look at a few of my paintings and tell me, do you know the name of the technique? Maybe not, but after seeing my work once, next time you will know — this is Olga.

What is your artistic fantasy?

My biggest artistic fantasy came true. I am an artist.

For the first 40 years of my life I was hard headed, as a grown up in the USSR. A Medical Doctor, Ph.D., a Chemical engineer, a classical piano player, computer programmer and so on. After that I started a second life from scratch in the USA. New language, new culture, new history, new possibilities. I successfully deleted all of my left brain information and ended up living happily on the isolated island, with my favorite man in the history of humanity, and my animals, I grow my own food, and I am free to create my artist fantasy every day.

My previous life in Russia gave me a lot to think about. A very specific view of the world was drilled into my head. Then moving to other country was a big shock, it was a huge test of my identity. You have to change your language, the sound of your name, your culture, your friends and the style of communications. It is a very positive experience. It feels like being born again. It is a great challenge, it elevates life force and curiosity, it’s a mental reboot, an intellectual restart.

What do you see for your future artistic endeavors?

I would rather be surprised. Also, it is hard to surprise myself with my own fantasy. See, the great part of creating anything is the ability to keep us in the moment. It is impossible to paint or write music while thinking about the future or the past, unless it’s connected to the subject.
I really do not have time to think about what else this life will bring me in a certain subject. I simply do not have time or interest to look in that direction.

Do you have any coming up art shows?

Yes, January 2019, NY, Manhattan. This one is special to me. 12 years ago I had everything to start creating a collection. I secured a great teacher, a lot of energy and desire. I had just quit my position as a corporate manager in telecommunications. My man kindly said — just paint, I will provide you a roof and a piece of bread if you paint from your head and do not listen anyone. I gave myself 12 years to build up a collection and here I am.

Up to that point my annual shows in CA and CO were portraits exhibitions. I painted a few hundred portraits over the years as an everyday exercise for my skills. And my fantasy part of art was “under construction” belong to NFS and WIP (not for sale, work in progress).

Describe the theme of your collection.

Each painting is a story centered around the ever-lasting questions of humanity – where we are from, who we are, what are we doing here. In my work, I would rather emphasize imagination than follow passive observation of reality.

I like to execute it in minimalistic a way, few things, just enough to create a thought-provoking image. And the thought can be personal for everyone. I already checked it out, it’s proven. I tested it on my shows year-by-year, just like stand-up comedians try their jokes before they go on the stage.

How many paintings did you create for 12 years, how big is the collection?

I painted few hundred. But in the show I would like to present the most recent ones, those 4-5 “years old”. I started learning art late in my life. I was a professional fast learning individual at that point, knowing the rules — endless repetition, discipline, patience and a good teacher. Over the years I painted the best I could be at the moment.

I have rooms in my house filled with paintings listed by years 2005, 2006, 2007 and so on. With time, the mistakes were obvious, I would study the good parts. It was fun beyond comprehension and an exciting journey. The important thing, I had great support, all the blessings, love and admiration from my biggest art fan – my husband, and front man of “Revolushn”.

For more art go to

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Gabe Lopez To Release His Spectra Music Group Debut Album “God Bless The Queens” November 9th, 2018

Pop Musician Gabe Lopez is releasing his Spectra Music Group debut album “God Bless The Queens” on Friday November 9th, 2018. Now available for pre-order, reserve your copy today!

Gabe Lopez has recently crossed the US and UK opening for Belinda Carlisle on her 2014-2017 tours at venues such as the Indigo at the O2, Manchester Academy, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, The Fonda in LA and B.B. King’s NYC.

The Cali boy’s songs are currently spinning on Sirius XM Radio, iHeart Radio, and FM radio – most recently his new singles “Lasso” and “California Blues,” which features the pop icon Belinda Carlisle.

His album “IT’S OBVIOUS IT’S OBVIOUS” debuted in the TOP 100 NEW RELEASES on iTunes. With his POP-ROCK sass and flair, Gabe was voted by Music Connection Magazine as one of L.A.’s Hot 100 Artists.


Check out the lyric video for the new single “California Blues” featuring Belinda Carlisle here:

Reserve your copy of “God Bless The Queens” by Gabe Lopez on iTunes in the United States here and receive the song “Lasso” in advance:

Follow Gabe Lopez on Twitter @gabelopezsongs

The official website for Gabe Lopez may be found at

The official website for Spectra Music Group may be found at

Follow the Spectra Music Group on Twitter @SpectraMusicInc

For interviews or more information contact

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Garyk Lee: “LGBT Designer Creates Political Art That Makes A Difference: Don’t Be On The Wrong Side of History” by Eileen Shapiro

Separated by a powerful tree is Garyk Lee’s sensitive, haunting and compelling rendition of a humanity that cares as opposed to an apathetic community and the consequences. It’s an explosive message urging society to vote, become aware and involved.

On one side of the tree is a population branded by a kaleidoscope of color, laughter, fun, and parties, whereas the other side is marked by a dull, monochromatic, depressing, polluted, caged, society existing in a darkened, and oppressed world.

I spoke to Garyk hoping to grasp the exact meaning and influence of his poster and was rewarded with his thoughtful answers. The importance of his themed masterpiece is a relevant and current conundrum that affects us all….

Eileen Shapiro What inspired your newest drawing, which is bound to become iconic?

Garyk Lee Thank You…What really pushed me to create this vision of the country divided is the separation of children from their parents at the border as the parents sincerely came here to seek asylum. Their countries were becoming extremely dangerous and as any good parent…they were simply seeking refuge for their families. I was blown away with the stories of these …for lack of a better word…Concentration camps! Knowing what with social media we all have a voice…I decided to create a piece of Art with a strong message through little words.

Eileen Shapiro Can you describe exactly what was in your head when you created it?

Garyk Lee Being extremely upset with those precious children caged…I wanted to elude to the serious possibility that anyone that’s not in the bubble world our President seems to live in could end up being caged even if it’s through legislation passed that takes away their constitutional rights…It is clear, with this current administration getting in bed with far right, extreme evangelicals whose sole purpose is to be rid of the gay population is quite scary and more serious than most realize. I show all walks of humanity on both sides of the poster. A fantasy Happy Ever After on the Left and a doomed polluted, dark society on the right…While a harmonious society is never totally accomplished…Why not work towards it?

Eileen Shapiro What would you like to see happen with it?

Garyk Lee I would like to see it appear in as many places where people feel like their vote won’t matter…Each vote truly matters…seeing that less than half of America voted in 2016 is just wrong! I would like to see it up in businesses where young people gather…shared on the internet…used as a conduit to start discussions on how we can make a difference through being involved.

Eileen Shapiro Was this poster something that just came to you one day or have you thought about it for a while?

Garyk Lee It literally came to me in a day as most of my “Fine Art lifestyle” prints do…I have a vision and I put it away in my mind…as soon as I have a moment I quickly sketch it rough and then I know I won’t lose sight of it…Once I have time to start rendering…I then work on it until its complete…It can get timely as it’s both hand-drawn and computer-enhanced…It involves photographing individual elements and then dropping them to scale into the picture.

Eileen Shapiro How can one get a copy of it?

Garyk Lee It is available on my website as a limited edition 18″ x 24″ Glossy Poster…Click shop at the top of my site.

Eileen Shapiro What’s next for you? Will we be staying political?

Garyk Lee I’m sure I will always make my opinion heard if I’m in a world that requires us to stand up for our rights…Unfortunately, I don’t see that going away…So, in answer…I would say yes…As far as my Art…I will continually produce new lifestyle prints…I have a new one that I will release this month…Currently, I am in pre-production on my How to show for my Youtube channel…I will be shooting it this fall…It is actually a continuation from my docu-dramedy “Garyk Lee Retro Reflection” … A How-To Lifestyle show that helps to understand that living among a beautiful environment doesn’t have to cost you the farm…

Follow Garyk Lee on Twitter @GarykLee1957

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Karyn White “Gale & The Storm” Soundtrack Review by Edmund Barker

Karyn White, the R&B diva best known for late ‘80s hits like “Superwoman” and “Secret Rendezvous,” has been quite busy as of late. In addition to cowriting and starring in Gale & the Storm, an indie drama about the trials and tribulations of being in the music biz, she has contributed eight songs to the soundtrack. Anchored by the buoyant, bubbly single “Lame Excuses,” the film’s accompanying record is a real treat. White’s well-honed skills in R&B songcraft are in full display on the album, with a succession of superb grooves and beats starting with the first track “Where I Belong.” The previously-mentioned “Lame Excuses” is a wonderful piece of production, with a thick, twangy bassline and scatterings of synths giving it a ‘90s g-funk feel. The tune’s chilled-out flow and sense of melancholy reminded me of the likes of TLC’s “Waterfalls,” with a lyrical narrative about frustration with a lacking lover more similar to “No Scrubs.” The song is something of a slow jam, mellow and not too showy save for that excellent groove and White’s tender vocals being front and center. The tune that comes after that, “Hurricane,” gives strong competition to “Lame Excuses” for best song on the record. Funky and filled with hooks for days, “Hurricane” continues the album’s nods to classic disco-esque R&B to great effect. (Notably, the song isn’t all retro—a lyric talking about deleting a clingy ex on FaceBook gives things a modern resonance.)

“Love Quarantine” continues the album’s parade of toe-tapping tracks, with lyrics about, well, wanting to be quarantined from love. Songs that play with a literal version of the term “lovesick” certainly aren’t new, but this one is fresh and funny enough to work well, and benefits from another irresistible bassline. On that note, “I Am the Storm” (which draws from a similar lyrical vein as “Hurricane”) is another triumph of dance-y old school funk. A bewitching double-groove gives the song, which closes out the album, an incredible catchiness. For anyone nostalgic for the golden era of R&B and dance music’s cross-pollination in the ‘80s-‘90s, it’ll hit the spot.

Follow Karyn White on Twitter @Karyns_World

Download the “Gale &The Storm” Soundtrack here:

4/5 Stars

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Armonite: “And the Stars Above” Interview by Eileen Shapiro

“And the Stars Above” is the most recent release from the Italian duo Armonite, the courageous celebration of two classically trained musicians, Paolo Fosso and Jacopo Bigi, in their quest to transform traditional symphonic serious music into the coolest rock music on the planet. They have massively succeeded.

Composer Paolo Fosso writes the compositions and plays the keys while Jacopo Bigi plays both acoustic and electric violin. Although most of their songs have little or no vocals, their messages or themes engulfed in the songs manage to present themselves and evoke passion, excitement and vibrancy in a strange addictive way.

I shared some questions and answers with Paolo regarding the release and music in general. His music is sincere and heartfelt, as I’d his answers. It has been noted by those whom have reviewed the album that listening to his music is like being stuck inside a video game somewhere in the universe…..

What makes your music so powerful!?

We take a few snippets from the world and try to stuff them all in a box. But when the box is full and you keep on pushing more stuff, then the box blows up. And that’s our way to be powerful, I guess. [laughs]

If you could perform on stage with any artist in the world whom would it be and why?

That would be Plini, his musicality is even greater than his virtuosity.

Does the political climate of the world influence your compositions?

Undirectly, because we draw our inspiration from the world around us. Politics decides where our society is heading, political leaders know they can change the world for better or for worse. They should always remember every person has a soul, and no one deserve to be trampled on their rights.

What would you say to promote your music and evoke the fans to buy your newest release?

Instrumental rock for electric violin, keyboards, bass, and drums. No vocals, no guitars. Plus electronics, classical, and world music, topping of progressive metal and a pinch of pop culture. Isn’t that curious enough? [laughs]

“And the Stars Above” is a journey through 12 tracks, starting with “The March of the Stars” inspired by Dante’s Paradise and ending with “Ghosts”. The album also features two bonus tracks: a piece for piano solo, “The Fire Dancer”, and the String Quartet “A Playful Day”.

The sound of the album is more oriented to soundtrack music with textures that feel very immediate. We consume tons of music every day, we can’t just stick to one genre. Generally speaking, the album is rock, but with this idea of soundtrack music.

Any touring plans yet?

We’re going to tour with our show in September, playing originals from our albums and soundtrack covers in violin rock from the most popular movies and video games: Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Skyrim, Metal Gear Solid, Halo, Final Fantasy, and many others!

New single or video?

‘By heart’ includes a folk, medieval-flavored melody for acoustic/electric violin and ROLI Seaboard Rise with a strong electronic component, but no set pattern for bass and drums, which were recorded by Alberto Fiorani and Emiliano Cava. Cristina De Rosa choreographed and danced the entire track, she’s been a great partner to work with. We’re definitely happy with the final result, the video goes from a tranquil state over an opening heartbeat to a fusion of EDM and Trip-Hop.






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