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Olga Perry: “A Utopia of Fantasy in the World of Art” by Eileen Shapiro

Surrealistic, fantasy, artist Olga Perry has opened up an electrifying, orgasmic world of self-creation in the world of art. A powerfully imaginative painter, realistic and relevant composer of sculpture, music video extraordinaire, classical keyboardist and songwriter, Olga uses her heart and every soulful resource and essence necessary to create.

After fleeing from Russia where she was a medical doctor, and raising a daughter as a single parent, she realized a new life in a strange land with two bags of belongings and a 50 word English vocabulary. She looked at this as a challenge to conquer instead of a burden to face. Her art reflects life’s experiences with a colorful endearing aspect of insanity. As in most facets of insanity the brilliance is apparent.

A keyboardist in the popular Psyche band Revolushn, Olga paints incessantly, whenever she can. Her paintings are am anomaly of treasures which will be displayed in New York City this winter with a rare few for sale. I spoke with Olga regarding her artistry, her intentions and influences. Inspired to be a full-time artist by her beloved husband, Olga continues to create profound kaleidoscopes of quintessence of life and cosmic sensibilities.

When did you first discover the world of art?

For my fourth birthday my father bought me a set of illustrated children’s encyclopedia. In the art section I stumbled on an illustration of Sistine Madonna, an oil painting by the Italian artist Raphael Sanzio. The striking beauty and information – that someone pained it by hand, all of it was incomprehensible to me.

Since, I was haunted for years by the question:” How?” Despite my amazement, it was not “ the moment of enlightenment” when I realized I am going to be an artist. I did not believe in myself and everyone around me confirmed that Rafael was not a good idol to be f0llowed in godless communist reality. And I had some other options to try.

Do you have an artistic specialty?

I would say, I have a lot of things in the creation field that I equally enjoy. It gives me varieties of options. It is hard to create in the same media all the time, it is easy to burnout and get in a creative loop. It usually takes me about 3 months and then I take a romantic vacation with another media. So, I have varieties of oil paintings, sculptures, video, animation, music video clips, radio podcasts, the keyboard player of “Revolushn” and I love all these activities. I switch between all of them back and forth.

What inspires your work?

It is a specific long-term concentration on a subject. Developing a single thought to a big picture with scrupulous details. Life itself is an inspiration. Life is a miracle and we know very little about life. We could assume that God put his glorious hands on the matter or we could replace God with the Big Bang Theory, or we can be a program in the program, alien nature crossed with primates, Evolution and bla bla bla —. Still the possibilities are endless. The problem is the goal itself. We attempt to put life and nature in an artificial construction of abstract limited symbols.

My inspiration is the miracle of my own existence. The possibility of you talking to me at this moment in the endless Universal game is zero. To me the goal of life is to live. Life is not the tool to get some goal. And it is my part — to create reality to my likeness — that is my inspiration.

And my work is visual materialized bits of my world that I built as my playground.
It never comes as ” Oh, something hit me in my top chakra all of the sudden, and I created a masterpiece in flames of inspiration. Jeeez.. It is not physical, it is more spiritual, the world of story tales, and I can create my own, free to do as I like and to my best at this moment of my existence. Because it is not how good it will be. It is how much of your own life is in it. I call it creating by heart.

Do you use a specific technique?

I use a technique that I call “Despite my teachers rules technique”.

I was a very difficult student, always asking too many questions.
For years of studying, I was told a lot of things like– you should paint that and this, no one paints like that, you cannot do that and you have to do this. And later on “We do not want your paintings, bring us your sculptures, why don’t you paint landscapes, paint horses, paint flowers” – (galleries requirement), your art is hard to sell, people think that you are crazy. Do not laugh, literally.

I was discovered by one of the successful hair dressers in Carmel, CA. He fell in love with my paintings and said he wants to remake the Destiny of Andy Warhol. But he brought all my paintings back in 4 weeks, saying people are wondering what drugs this artist takes and they were not really happy to see my art.

Anyway, only my latest teacher and a mentor Jesse Coursaut taught me to paint exactly how I see it in my head. He developed a special way for my paintings, it includes – choice of surface, surface preparation, choice of media, and specific paint brands. Look at a few of my paintings and tell me, do you know the name of the technique? Maybe not, but after seeing my work once, next time you will know — this is Olga.

What is your artistic fantasy?

My biggest artistic fantasy came true. I am an artist.

For the first 40 years of my life I was hard headed, as a grown up in the USSR. A Medical Doctor, Ph.D., a Chemical engineer, a classical piano player, computer programmer and so on. After that I started a second life from scratch in the USA. New language, new culture, new history, new possibilities. I successfully deleted all of my left brain information and ended up living happily on the isolated island, with my favorite man in the history of humanity, and my animals, I grow my own food, and I am free to create my artist fantasy every day.

My previous life in Russia gave me a lot to think about. A very specific view of the world was drilled into my head. Then moving to other country was a big shock, it was a huge test of my identity. You have to change your language, the sound of your name, your culture, your friends and the style of communications. It is a very positive experience. It feels like being born again. It is a great challenge, it elevates life force and curiosity, it’s a mental reboot, an intellectual restart.

What do you see for your future artistic endeavors?

I would rather be surprised. Also, it is hard to surprise myself with my own fantasy. See, the great part of creating anything is the ability to keep us in the moment. It is impossible to paint or write music while thinking about the future or the past, unless it’s connected to the subject.
I really do not have time to think about what else this life will bring me in a certain subject. I simply do not have time or interest to look in that direction.

Do you have any coming up art shows?

Yes, January 2019, NY, Manhattan. This one is special to me. 12 years ago I had everything to start creating a collection. I secured a great teacher, a lot of energy and desire. I had just quit my position as a corporate manager in telecommunications. My man kindly said — just paint, I will provide you a roof and a piece of bread if you paint from your head and do not listen anyone. I gave myself 12 years to build up a collection and here I am.

Up to that point my annual shows in CA and CO were portraits exhibitions. I painted a few hundred portraits over the years as an everyday exercise for my skills. And my fantasy part of art was “under construction” belong to NFS and WIP (not for sale, work in progress).

Describe the theme of your collection.

Each painting is a story centered around the ever-lasting questions of humanity – where we are from, who we are, what are we doing here. In my work, I would rather emphasize imagination than follow passive observation of reality.

I like to execute it in minimalistic a way, few things, just enough to create a thought-provoking image. And the thought can be personal for everyone. I already checked it out, it’s proven. I tested it on my shows year-by-year, just like stand-up comedians try their jokes before they go on the stage.

How many paintings did you create for 12 years, how big is the collection?

I painted few hundred. But in the show I would like to present the most recent ones, those 4-5 “years old”. I started learning art late in my life. I was a professional fast learning individual at that point, knowing the rules — endless repetition, discipline, patience and a good teacher. Over the years I painted the best I could be at the moment.

I have rooms in my house filled with paintings listed by years 2005, 2006, 2007 and so on. With time, the mistakes were obvious, I would study the good parts. It was fun beyond comprehension and an exciting journey. The important thing, I had great support, all the blessings, love and admiration from my biggest art fan – my husband, and front man of “Revolushn”.

For more art go to

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Gabe Lopez To Release His Spectra Music Group Debut Album “God Bless The Queens” November 9th, 2018

Pop Musician Gabe Lopez is releasing his Spectra Music Group debut album “God Bless The Queens” on Friday November 9th, 2018. Now available for pre-order, reserve your copy today!

Gabe Lopez has recently crossed the US and UK opening for Belinda Carlisle on her 2014-2017 tours at venues such as the Indigo at the O2, Manchester Academy, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, The Fonda in LA and B.B. King’s NYC.

The Cali boy’s songs are currently spinning on Sirius XM Radio, iHeart Radio, and FM radio – most recently his new singles “Lasso” and “California Blues,” which features the pop icon Belinda Carlisle.

His album “IT’S OBVIOUS IT’S OBVIOUS” debuted in the TOP 100 NEW RELEASES on iTunes. With his POP-ROCK sass and flair, Gabe was voted by Music Connection Magazine as one of L.A.’s Hot 100 Artists.


Check out the lyric video for the new single “California Blues” featuring Belinda Carlisle here:

Reserve your copy of “God Bless The Queens” by Gabe Lopez on iTunes in the United States here and receive the song “Lasso” in advance:

Follow Gabe Lopez on Twitter @gabelopezsongs

The official website for Gabe Lopez may be found at

The official website for Spectra Music Group may be found at

Follow the Spectra Music Group on Twitter @SpectraMusicInc

For interviews or more information contact

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Garyk Lee: “LGBT Designer Creates Political Art That Makes A Difference: Don’t Be On The Wrong Side of History” by Eileen Shapiro

Separated by a powerful tree is Garyk Lee’s sensitive, haunting and compelling rendition of a humanity that cares as opposed to an apathetic community and the consequences. It’s an explosive message urging society to vote, become aware and involved.

On one side of the tree is a population branded by a kaleidoscope of color, laughter, fun, and parties, whereas the other side is marked by a dull, monochromatic, depressing, polluted, caged, society existing in a darkened, and oppressed world.

I spoke to Garyk hoping to grasp the exact meaning and influence of his poster and was rewarded with his thoughtful answers. The importance of his themed masterpiece is a relevant and current conundrum that affects us all….

Eileen Shapiro What inspired your newest drawing, which is bound to become iconic?

Garyk Lee Thank You…What really pushed me to create this vision of the country divided is the separation of children from their parents at the border as the parents sincerely came here to seek asylum. Their countries were becoming extremely dangerous and as any good parent…they were simply seeking refuge for their families. I was blown away with the stories of these …for lack of a better word…Concentration camps! Knowing what with social media we all have a voice…I decided to create a piece of Art with a strong message through little words.

Eileen Shapiro Can you describe exactly what was in your head when you created it?

Garyk Lee Being extremely upset with those precious children caged…I wanted to elude to the serious possibility that anyone that’s not in the bubble world our President seems to live in could end up being caged even if it’s through legislation passed that takes away their constitutional rights…It is clear, with this current administration getting in bed with far right, extreme evangelicals whose sole purpose is to be rid of the gay population is quite scary and more serious than most realize. I show all walks of humanity on both sides of the poster. A fantasy Happy Ever After on the Left and a doomed polluted, dark society on the right…While a harmonious society is never totally accomplished…Why not work towards it?

Eileen Shapiro What would you like to see happen with it?

Garyk Lee I would like to see it appear in as many places where people feel like their vote won’t matter…Each vote truly matters…seeing that less than half of America voted in 2016 is just wrong! I would like to see it up in businesses where young people gather…shared on the internet…used as a conduit to start discussions on how we can make a difference through being involved.

Eileen Shapiro Was this poster something that just came to you one day or have you thought about it for a while?

Garyk Lee It literally came to me in a day as most of my “Fine Art lifestyle” prints do…I have a vision and I put it away in my mind…as soon as I have a moment I quickly sketch it rough and then I know I won’t lose sight of it…Once I have time to start rendering…I then work on it until its complete…It can get timely as it’s both hand-drawn and computer-enhanced…It involves photographing individual elements and then dropping them to scale into the picture.

Eileen Shapiro How can one get a copy of it?

Garyk Lee It is available on my website as a limited edition 18″ x 24″ Glossy Poster…Click shop at the top of my site.

Eileen Shapiro What’s next for you? Will we be staying political?

Garyk Lee I’m sure I will always make my opinion heard if I’m in a world that requires us to stand up for our rights…Unfortunately, I don’t see that going away…So, in answer…I would say yes…As far as my Art…I will continually produce new lifestyle prints…I have a new one that I will release this month…Currently, I am in pre-production on my How to show for my Youtube channel…I will be shooting it this fall…It is actually a continuation from my docu-dramedy “Garyk Lee Retro Reflection” … A How-To Lifestyle show that helps to understand that living among a beautiful environment doesn’t have to cost you the farm…

Follow Garyk Lee on Twitter @GarykLee1957

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Karyn White “Gale & The Storm” Soundtrack Review by Edmund Barker

Karyn White, the R&B diva best known for late ‘80s hits like “Superwoman” and “Secret Rendezvous,” has been quite busy as of late. In addition to cowriting and starring in Gale & the Storm, an indie drama about the trials and tribulations of being in the music biz, she has contributed eight songs to the soundtrack. Anchored by the buoyant, bubbly single “Lame Excuses,” the film’s accompanying record is a real treat. White’s well-honed skills in R&B songcraft are in full display on the album, with a succession of superb grooves and beats starting with the first track “Where I Belong.” The previously-mentioned “Lame Excuses” is a wonderful piece of production, with a thick, twangy bassline and scatterings of synths giving it a ‘90s g-funk feel. The tune’s chilled-out flow and sense of melancholy reminded me of the likes of TLC’s “Waterfalls,” with a lyrical narrative about frustration with a lacking lover more similar to “No Scrubs.” The song is something of a slow jam, mellow and not too showy save for that excellent groove and White’s tender vocals being front and center. The tune that comes after that, “Hurricane,” gives strong competition to “Lame Excuses” for best song on the record. Funky and filled with hooks for days, “Hurricane” continues the album’s nods to classic disco-esque R&B to great effect. (Notably, the song isn’t all retro—a lyric talking about deleting a clingy ex on FaceBook gives things a modern resonance.)

“Love Quarantine” continues the album’s parade of toe-tapping tracks, with lyrics about, well, wanting to be quarantined from love. Songs that play with a literal version of the term “lovesick” certainly aren’t new, but this one is fresh and funny enough to work well, and benefits from another irresistible bassline. On that note, “I Am the Storm” (which draws from a similar lyrical vein as “Hurricane”) is another triumph of dance-y old school funk. A bewitching double-groove gives the song, which closes out the album, an incredible catchiness. For anyone nostalgic for the golden era of R&B and dance music’s cross-pollination in the ‘80s-‘90s, it’ll hit the spot.

Follow Karyn White on Twitter @Karyns_World

Download the “Gale &The Storm” Soundtrack here:

4/5 Stars

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Armonite: “And the Stars Above” Interview by Eileen Shapiro

“And the Stars Above” is the most recent release from the Italian duo Armonite, the courageous celebration of two classically trained musicians, Paolo Fosso and Jacopo Bigi, in their quest to transform traditional symphonic serious music into the coolest rock music on the planet. They have massively succeeded.

Composer Paolo Fosso writes the compositions and plays the keys while Jacopo Bigi plays both acoustic and electric violin. Although most of their songs have little or no vocals, their messages or themes engulfed in the songs manage to present themselves and evoke passion, excitement and vibrancy in a strange addictive way.

I shared some questions and answers with Paolo regarding the release and music in general. His music is sincere and heartfelt, as I’d his answers. It has been noted by those whom have reviewed the album that listening to his music is like being stuck inside a video game somewhere in the universe…..

What makes your music so powerful!?

We take a few snippets from the world and try to stuff them all in a box. But when the box is full and you keep on pushing more stuff, then the box blows up. And that’s our way to be powerful, I guess. [laughs]

If you could perform on stage with any artist in the world whom would it be and why?

That would be Plini, his musicality is even greater than his virtuosity.

Does the political climate of the world influence your compositions?

Undirectly, because we draw our inspiration from the world around us. Politics decides where our society is heading, political leaders know they can change the world for better or for worse. They should always remember every person has a soul, and no one deserve to be trampled on their rights.

What would you say to promote your music and evoke the fans to buy your newest release?

Instrumental rock for electric violin, keyboards, bass, and drums. No vocals, no guitars. Plus electronics, classical, and world music, topping of progressive metal and a pinch of pop culture. Isn’t that curious enough? [laughs]

“And the Stars Above” is a journey through 12 tracks, starting with “The March of the Stars” inspired by Dante’s Paradise and ending with “Ghosts”. The album also features two bonus tracks: a piece for piano solo, “The Fire Dancer”, and the String Quartet “A Playful Day”.

The sound of the album is more oriented to soundtrack music with textures that feel very immediate. We consume tons of music every day, we can’t just stick to one genre. Generally speaking, the album is rock, but with this idea of soundtrack music.

Any touring plans yet?

We’re going to tour with our show in September, playing originals from our albums and soundtrack covers in violin rock from the most popular movies and video games: Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Skyrim, Metal Gear Solid, Halo, Final Fantasy, and many others!

New single or video?

‘By heart’ includes a folk, medieval-flavored melody for acoustic/electric violin and ROLI Seaboard Rise with a strong electronic component, but no set pattern for bass and drums, which were recorded by Alberto Fiorani and Emiliano Cava. Cristina De Rosa choreographed and danced the entire track, she’s been a great partner to work with. We’re definitely happy with the final result, the video goes from a tranquil state over an opening heartbeat to a fusion of EDM and Trip-Hop.






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UK Singer/Songwriter Ali Jacko Releases Highly Anticipated New Music Video “Somebody To Love”

UK Singer/Songwriter Ali Jacko has just released his highly anticipated new music video “Somebody To Love” which is the 7th release of his “11 in 11” project, releasing 11 songs/videos in 11 months. Check out the video today!

Ali Jacko is a Five Times World Kickboxing Champion turned Singer/Songwriter. Having well and truly conquered the world of fighting (and community relations!), his singing career started inauspiciously with everyone telling him, in no uncertain terms, that he couldn’t sing. ‘I went on a tour from Toronto to San Francisco on a coach. Everyone was singing along on the coach but as soon as I started everyone was like, “Shut up! You can’t sing!'” They should have known that ‘you can’t…’ is not how you start a sentence when it’s directed at Jacko.

It was only when he lost a girl that he really loved that he decided to win her back in the riskiest way he could think of: with his voice. ‘I went to see a vocal coach and he also said I couldn’t sing but, with a bit of work, I sang Bryan Adams’ “Look Into My Eyes” and sang it well. Then I thought, “If I can sing, I will write my own music”, and wrote my first song soon after.’

But did it win the girl back? ‘Yeah, it won her back and now I’m married to her and we’ve got a five-month-old daughter called Leonore.’ Silly question really.

Jacko Ali’s new challenge is to break into music – and as a close friend of Rohan Marley, son of Bob and husband of The Fugees’ Lauryn Hill – he knows what the inside of that industry looks like. With his track record, it would be a foolish person that would bet against him. With his usual target-based attitude to challenges, Jacko has decided to release eleven songs, with eleven videos, over eleven months. And though they all have that gravelly rock voice in common, the songs demonstrate a real range with subjects veering from the desire to settle down, plenty about falling and being in love and one about how we are destroying the planet.

‘No one’s done this before,’ says Jacko of the ’11 in 11′ project, releasing 11 songs in 11 months,  ‘I want to do it to prove a point that I’m a serious artist.’ We would advise no one to stand in his way.

Check out Ali Jacko’s “Somebody To Love” music video here:

Follow Ali Jacko on Twitter @TheAliJacko

The official website for Ali Jacko may be found at

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Alien Country: “Like My Life Depends On It” by Eileen Shapiro


A brand new release from Liam Marcus Torres the mastermind of Alien Country, entitled “Like My Life Depends On It,”  has made its appearance in the music world on July 11th…. in a big way. Myself not normally impressed at first glance, or at my initial listen, was overtaken by the talent and creativity and especially the voice of this artist.


The album is a fabulous fusion of rock, pop, country and science fiction, in conjunction with strings and things all combined with a voice that is so unique there are just no words….Art director for this album as well as The Allman Brothers, The Band, Rush, The Stray Cats, The Outlaws, and many others, Hugh Syme, said regarding “Like My Life Depends On It”, “what makes this confident and whimsical is the subtlety of the improbable elements coexisting in one frame of reference”.


Liam’s music is not only fun, but his lyrics are magical. I spoke to Liam who is based in Tampa but who was born in Puerto Rico, about his intriguing sonic flavor and his musical influences as well as his future endeavors. “Above all, my music is fun and my fans say it makes them happy. At the end of the day, that’s all that matters to me”…Liam Torres


I love your music!!


I’m my own fan, it’s been something in the making. I really never thought that I would write something like this. I wrote this about three years ago and then I put it on the shelf somewhere. It wasn’t until last year that after speaking to some of my high school buddies from 25 years ago, that we were talking about putting together a publishing house and putting some music together. Then I thought…”wait a second, I have about 20 country songs ,…let’s use that material.” The short story is, there it is. An album came out of that.


I haven’t really heard music like yours before, and I’ve heard a lot! Where are you from originally? 


I was born in Puerto Rico. In the mix of listening to Hispanic music, salsa and merengue, we still had rock ‘n’ roll. All of my siblings are older than I am and they all went to music school. They all went to a conservatory and all that, and they never made music out of that experience. I did but I never went to music school. My sister though is the one who introduced me to rock n roll. I grew up listening to Phil Collins, Journey, Foreigner, all those bands from the 70’s. Even Led Zeppelin. So it comes from that Island even though it’s kind of secluded. I never really liked the Island music even though I wrote a few songs about ten years ago with that quality. They almost sound like Santana type of music. Even though I was born in Puerto Rico I came here about 30 years ago and rock ‘n’ roll has always been in my heart.


Your music is a little pop, a Little Rock, a little country, and it’s kind of Sci-FI.


Just a bit. A bit of everything. You have a burning desire, you just go with it.


You will be a household name one day.


It’s funny that you mention that. My wife is more excited than I am about my music. She really wants to push this because she’s been in love with my music for so long. But, I have a fan who heard my music on one of those Sci-fi pages or shows, and said that up until today when he heard my music he’s found most other music lame. He just totally enjoyed it. I’m happy for whom ever listens to it and enjoys it. It came from the heart. I’ve never done anything like it before.


Where do you come up with the inspiration for your lyrics?


Real life. I’m an Iron Maiden maniac, especially Bruce Dickinson’s writings. He’s so cumbersome. He’s so weird. Even his band members say the way that he writes is weird. Only he understands it. However I have met some individuals out there who actually read my lyrics and they understand it right away. It really is uncanny. The way that I write is, in the back of my mind I take it like the way Picasso use to paint. He illustrated certain elements of what he saw in such a way his style was his own. I want to make the way that I write lyrics my own. Kind of obscure, kind of the way that I understand the story. And of course it’s centered on a lot of life experiences. For example the song “No One is Coming For You Tonight”, is based on a narcissist. When you listen to it, it’s kind of hard to understand but the elements are there. If we would’ve put all of the songs to video it would be crystal clear to the listener. But, I want to keep it that way because it makes you think. Each line is good enough on its own to make you think about, “what is this artist talking about”. It makes it that more attractive. It makes you listen and over and over and over again. I mean that’s the way that I grew up, when I was listening to Rush. The way that Neil Peart wrote his lyrics was hard to understand. Even Iron Maiden  and the  other heavy metal bands that I listened to where hard to understand. I just wanted to make people think while they listened to the music. Just like when you go see a movie that you haven’t read any reviews about, it gets you thinking and keeps you wondering. “Ok, what’s coming next”? That’s what I was hoping would inspire the listener.


Where in Florida are you based?


I am in Tampa. This is a wonderful place, everything is so close.


Do you perform live?


Yes, I have. I have not in the past three years. Actually I was in a band with my sons. The band was called Alien Country. My sons and I were a trio. We had other singers and musicians join us for quite a few performances. We toured almost all of Florida, all the way down to Miami. That was about three years ago.


You should come to New York.


I would love New York.


What do you do when you’re not writing music?


I teach music. I teach the guitar mainly, and the piano.


Your voice is amazing.


I think I will have to continue because I have to tell you something. One of the reasons why I’m starting so late, I’m ashamed of it….I have a mentor called Tom Hess. He’s in Chicago. He’s a great guitar player, and a great business man. He tells me “it’s never too late”. He said he can understand why I had so much hesitation, because I didn’t have that much confidence in myself. But I have the confidence now to do this for the rest of my life.


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Review: Tom Proctor and the A-Listers “Working Man” by MieKayla Singleton

Okay, I’ll just say this: TOM. PROCTOR. IS. EVERYTHING! Literally, he’s everything; him, his band, and his newest album, Working Man, which was released June 15thof this year. As a music fanatic, I’ve never listened to an album that was as real as Working Man…or, at least, likeit. In other words, I’ve never listened to an album to the point where at the end, I said, “…now, this is just deep on so many levels.” While I’m on that, can I just call this album “deep”…please?


Working Man’s two best aspects, among others, areits realistic themes and its commitment to one genre. First thing’s first: let’s talk about themes. Many of today’s songs refer to love, drama, heartbreak, and loving yourself. But, not many songs talk about the observation of life. Warning: don’t take “observation of life” lightly because there’s nothing “light” about it. What do I mean? Well, take Working Man (yes, the song of the same name) and In Hollywood(a song that hit home), for example. Working Man explains the struggles of people who work long hours to supply for their family. But, this doesn’t go without facing personal problems, like dealing with unappreciative people. Those same exact people working long hours wonder time and time again if there’s anyone else like them who might be going through the same thing. They might be wondering if there’s any hope or sense of guidance. How can I tell? Well, I was raised by a single parent (whom I appreciate very much). On the other hand, In Hollywood brutally explains how most people end up making it in Hollywood. This isn’t said much, but it is most certainly NOT an easy journey trying to become active in showbiz, especially the right way. Out of all the songs, In Hollywood was the one that hit all the way home, especially because I’ve been interested in the showbiz industry for the longest time (our little secret). Just when you thought no artist or band would say anything, Tom Proctor and the A-Listers would. I’m impressed.


And now, the second-best aspect: its country genre. As a music fanatic, I’m all for genre fusions. But, to have an album dedicated to just one genre is a bit outstanding and rather impressive. To me, sticking with one genre is part of what defines an artist…or in this case, a band. Now, I don’t mean that in a bad way; I mean that in a good way. Prime example, remember Taylor Swift? Of course, you do! Remember when she started out in the country genre and switched to pop? Country defined her. Then, pop redefined her. I’m all for redefinition because it’s all about change. But, when an artist or band is able to stick to one genre, that’s something else…and something worth being proud of.


I can’t guarantee that Working Manwill have you working, but I can guarantee that it’ll have you in your feels. Believe that!


Follow on Twitter @TomProctorBand


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Ali Jacko’s “Give My Love A Brand New Name” Hits #18 On The Music Week Commercial Pop Club Chart


Singer/Songwriter Ali Jacko’s new single “Give My Love A Brand New Name (House/ADP Mix)” hits #18 on the Music Week Commercial Pop Club Chart!!!

Five times World Kickboxing Champion Ali Jacko is taking the music world by storm. Releasing 11 singles in 11 months, titled the “11 in 11” Project, Jacko’s music is being extremely well received worldwide, as seen by his chart hitting success.

Music Week has been the leading trade media brand for the UK music industry for over 50 years, and is essential reading for anyone who needs to understand the business of music, from vinyl to streaming, from the Dublin Castle all the way to Wembley Stadium.

Check out the music video for  “Give My Love A Brand New Name” by Ali Jacko here:

He has another hit single “I Found Love” in the new Indian Hindi language action thriller “Race 3” which is being released June 15, 2018. Check out the “Race 3” trailer here:

Watch all of Ali Jacko’s music videos on youtube here including the hit single from the “Race 3” soundtrack “I Found Love:”

Follow Ali Jacko on Twitter @TheAliJacko

The official website for Ali Jacko may be found at

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Narrow Plains Self-Titled Spectra Music Group Debut Album To Be Released Friday May 18th, 2018

London based acoustic-Indie/Americana band Narrow Plains are releasing their Spectra Music Group self-titled debut album on Friday May 18th, 2018. Now available for pre-order, reserve your copy today!

Narrow Plains formed in early 2012 after writing and self-recording their debut EP “Somewhere In Between” at minimal cost but to some considerable critical acclaim. As one early review noted, “the passion and fury that spawns this type of intense creation is evident in both the lyrics and sound” (Kei Hendrix, Bandmark). After receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from the EP, the band decided to gig at any and every location available to them in and around their native London. They have performed at prestigious venues such as the 02 Academy Islington, 100 Club, Barfly, and Cavern Club in Liverpool and an increasing number of festivals. They have also played gigs in the USA.

The band released another self-produced, original double A single, “So Rewind”/ “Keep You Anyway in 2014 which gained them considerable praise, including being picked by BBC Introducing South as their “track of the day”.

The band has numerous awards. In 2016, they were nominated in the UMAs (Unsigned Music Awards) in the folk/country category. In 2015, the band won the Hard Rock Rising competition at The Hard Rock Café in London. They have received international acclaim and were winning finalists in the 2014 Canadian “Live In Your City” contest of Uprise.FM. They were also selected as Judges Pick by a prestigious panel of music experts in the USA-based Bands4Good online talent contest, winning a recording retreat with the legendary John Davenport in his North Carolina studio. The band used their time with John to record a live version of their song, “Choices” that propelled them to top of the Reverbnation indie charts.

Check out the new music video for “I Should’ve Known” by Narrow Plains here:

Their first single “I Should’ve Known” off of their new album made the finals in the Nashville Universe Music Awards for best single of 2018, which has increased the public anticipation for the highly anticipated new release.

Call and request “I Should’ve Known” at your favorite radio station today!

Pre-Order your copy of “Narrow Plains” on iTunes in the United States here:

The official site for the Spectra Music Group may be found at

Follow the Spectra Music Group on Twitter @SpectraMusicInc

The official site for Narrow Plains may be found at

Follow Narrow Plains on Twitter @NarrowPlains

For interviews and more information contact

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Membranes: RitzO2 Manchester May 5th 2018 by Sam Stevens

When you stand in the middle of a packed crowd already fluffed by a host of fantastic dynamic support acts,  then the headline act comes on and you immediately feel exhilarated, that viceral power, and all you can say, wide eyed and completely immersed , is WOW!! … you know you’re witnessing something special… VERY special.

Watching one Mr John Robb and his band the Membranes remind me and my musical sensibilities what true power, honesty, tradition, musical dynamism and the love of British Alternative Rock means to us. The membranes are important. John Robb is important, VERY important. He’s continuing an important tradition that’s vital to us Brits and the wider world… He’s a force of nature, relentless and should be lauded for the dedication to his art.   The front man was animated, on point and the lightening rod conducting not only the incredible energy the packed audience directed at the stage, but also the beauty of the sublime choral sections delivered by an onstage choir… Yes.. Punk/ Alternative Rock with an onstage Choir and it melded and worked perfectly creating a balance of light & shade that kept my proverbial sunglasses on the move throughout the event.

Instead of jumping around like much of the crowd, i found letting the whole experience transport me uninterrupted, letting the experience happen like your best ever 90’s Ecstasy trip was the way to approach it so I stood mesmerised on Saturday evening. People trying to talk to me , interrupt my buzz were given short shrift as I WANTED this. I wanted to experience every single second, every note from the first power chord to final crescendo. And the Membranes delivered. They delivered good!.

At times the Tidal Wave of a set list threatened to drag us under with the sheer power and energy, it was relentless, threatening and yet a beautiful sight, so good to experience. However the choral interjections gave us all pause for breath. The crowd of course prevailed, rode the waves and surfed them track after track until the final phrase with a Mr Robb’s sweating breathless vocal and his Fender Bass, which he wielded at times as a weapon of destruction and others a wand of incantation held high in triumph. A triumph he and the band truly deserved. Tracks like The Universe Explodes Into a Billion Photons Of Pure White Light, A Strange Perfume, Do The Supernova, Mother Ocean/Father Time, In The Graveyard, The 21stCentury Is Killing Me, and Myths and Legends were delivered seamlessly and with the delicacy of a choral reinvention for many of the tracks, the power of Black Is The Colour left the audience myself included, literally dripping with enthusiasm and completely sated.

I’m actually getting a buzz recalling the gig and writing this piece. With a broad smile on my face  if there’s any footnote to mention, it’s that THIS is what music is about. Its visceral, beautiful and very, very important and its only the likes of The Membranes and their excellent support acts The Cravats , Lovely Eggs,  Evil Blizzard, One Sided Horse, Sink Yah Teeth and Lines who keep this Punk/ alternative genre alive.

Something of a contradiction, John Robb delivers onstage brutal power and creativity and offstage is a real gent, kind and infinitely humble. I don’t think Mr Robb quite knows how important or how good he really is … so ..  tell him, appreciate what the Membranes do and do yourself a favour, support them, listen to them, see them live and ‘Ride the

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American High Hits #1 Locally And #26 Globally On The ReverbNation Worldwide Rock Charts


California rockers American High take the #1 spot for the local ReverbNation Rock Music Chart rankings, and the #26 spot in the chart rankings globally. Check out American High on ReverbNation today as they take the music world by storm.

American High are a punk and 60’s influenced indie/alternative rock quartet from Sacramento, California. They play ‘catchy tunes with dark themes’. “Cheye Calvo” is their new single following their successful debut full-length “Bones  In The Attic, Flowers In The Basement.”
Their sound and lyrics have an optimistic perspective on the personal, the social and the political.

Check out the interview with Doug Johnson in Louder Than War here:

American High’s new single “Cheye Calvo” is taking the radio airwaves by storm, with it catchy hooks and delivery, while actually talking about poignant political atrocities (No Knock Search Warrants) in America today.

Google Cheye Calvo to be horrified and then listen to “Cheye Calvo” to see American High’s bold attempt to bring attention to a horrific problem faced daily in the United States, yet no one but American High is ballsy enough to talk about it.

Listen to American High on ReverbNation and share “Cheye Calvo”, their latest single with everyone you know, lets bring attention to the illegality of No Knock Search Warrants while sending the single to the top of the charts, as it is an amazing single with an incredible story for the world to hear.

Check out American High on ReverbNation here:

Follow American High on Twitter @AmericanHigh1

For interviews or more information contact

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“NO”: Revolushn by Eileen Shapiro

I’m not sure if he’s on the brink of insanity, or the smartest person on the planet…..however I do know that “NO”, the mastermind behind Revolushn is one of the best musicians in this realm of the universe, and probably one of the nicest free spirits one can ever hope to meet.

Starting his musical endeavors at age 5, when stealing his brother’s guitar, “NO”, had his first band at age eleven. He became one of the most sort after studio guitarists , hanging output with artists such as Rod Stewart, Devo, Berlin, No Doubt and other top headlining bands. Finally deciding to craft his own sound, he formed  Revolushn , a protest, Psych factions….and the rest is destine to become history …..

Explain “Weird Little Minds”, the inspiration behind it, the message behind it and the video….

The song is about the times we are living in now. We might be at a kind of crossroads now and in this important time, well, look who is calling the shots. And I don’t just mean Trump. Take your pick, Putin, that crazy fucker Duterte in the Philippines, Than Shaw in Myanmar. And the thing about all of them is that while they might have street smarts, none of them are really smart, like 21stcentury smart, none of them are big thinkers or creative, loving humans. They are just Weird Little Minds that invade our consciousness. With small hands!

But the song is positive, as we believe there is sufficient protest happening all around the world to eventually put an end to those kinds of leaders. The young people are not like that and will change the world for the better.  We hope that will be the distinction of the new generation.

What’s next for Revolushn?

Well, first I have to get over my fucking existential crisis! As the singer for Revolushn it is now up to me to figure out which songs to sing and how to sing them. And that will give a direction and a style to the next album. I mean everyone helps but I am the one who has to put a facenoise the songs. So my problem is that we have so many styles and types of music that we can do well that it makes it hard to choose. It is like I am a kid in a candy store. Everything tastes good but where do you start?

So anyway, at the moment Revolushn is in the song writing and recording mode. Dekay and I are writing up a storm and I am in the studio pretty much every day. Revolushn is made up of very talented, working musicians so we all have other projects we are into as well. Q is the lead singer for The Wyatt Act and plays bass for several other bands, Decay is in like 10 other bands and projects, Young Son is in Wyatt and Doctor Striker with Q, Ileen has a very popular podcast in Russia and does our videos on top of being a master artist as well. She gets art commissions all the time.

But even with all that going on I expect we will be releasing a single in mid-May and have an album by end of July. We now have over 60 new songs to choose from so the issue is picking the ones that stand out and fit together. Oh, and that I can sing well.

NO, give the world some history of whom you really are musically… who you’ve played with, what influences your music, and when you started playing music.

Well, I like to think that I just started yesterday. I mean I am constantly learning how much I don’t know. I have been lucky to play with a lot of really great musicians and artists, too many to name really. I was a studio cat in Los Angles back in the day. That is where Dekay and I met. The two of us, along with a really great bass player were kind of like the Wrecking Crew because we played on hundreds of tracks. A lot of unknowns but several big names too. We worked like every day. I was also in a band called The Rub that had a local hit in LA and we played live a lot. We were coming up about the time Berlin had their first album and we did shows with those guys. As for influences, Hendrix was a big influence on me as was Carlos Montoya. I was also into Claude Debussy and Mozart when I was very young. Never was knocked out by Schubert though.

I started playing music when I was four or five. My brother had a guitar he never played and I would sneak into his room and play all day while he was at work.

Why is it that you have this very special sense of freedom or free spirit that seems to be the essence of your persona?

Wait, I am married. What freedom? Ha ha. Just kidding Ileen. I don’t know, I remember when I was very young I fell out of a tree and for a couple minutes thought I would die. But I wasn’t scared and from that point on I thought that if dying is the worst thing that can happen and it isn’t that bad, well, why worry. As a teenager I decided to eliminate fear from my life. Still working on that one.

About 10 years ago I was in a plane crash that reminded me of the time I fell out of the tree. Well, except a lot worse. And while I got banged up I lived through that one too. Another thing might be that I have not had a real job for at least 20 years. I mean every once and a while I take labor jobs just to stay humble but there is no pressure to even get paid.  No real bosses except myself so I am more or less free to do whatever. I still have responsibilities but now it is only the ones that I choose to have. Like showing up on time for a gig. I never miss a gig.

Can you recall your proudest moment in the music business?

Well, I wouldn’t call it proud but I know what you mean. I have had those moments often but recent ones were when Dinosaurs (song from the album Further!!) hit 100,000 views. Wow. And when we hit the next big thing playlist on Spotify. And when we did a show in New York City and Randy Jones from the Village People sat in with us. He is such a sweet guy. I was never a big Village People fan and never thought I would play be playing YMCA, much less have such a blast doing it.

How has your life changed since meeting Ilene?

So I don’t spend half my time looking for girls anymore. But seriously, she has made me a much better person. She is such a wonderful. beautiful woman and she likes me for who I am. She says I am an alien. She finds that interesting. Having her in the band was hard a couple of times but we now have a system for dealing with the BS. Sometimes I look over at her while we are doing a song and it is the coolest fucking thing on earth.

Any more words on Revolushn ?

I think Revolushn will be one of those bands that stays together for 40 years. We get along great, there is no real outside pressures that get through our bubble and we like each other’s songs. What could go wrong?

Revolushn will begin putting together a new set soon and start doing shows in July or August. Maybe September. Due to our backwards nature we seem to like touring in the winter. The shitty weather makes us play better.

Any new projects for No?

Oh yea. So I am doing a punkie, bluesy-rock album with the band I was in when I was in high school. Couple years back they (Ed O’Meara and Eddie Spaghetti) sat in with Revolushn at a concert we did in Wisconsin. It was awesome seeing them and to find out they could still play well.  So two months ago we got together in California and wrote and tracked several songs. I am now in the process of mixing and mastering that album. It is real good. I am also playing bass with a band called Ryvo and the Revolving Door that has a jazzy, folky type of sound. Real good.

And for fun I am putting together a sort of rap, rock, EDM set that I can do live. I use a ton of effects on my guitar and a high-end drum machine that I can program on the fly. That is scary and fun.

During my last ayahuasca ceremony the spirits told me to get out and play live more often for humans so I am going to start busking in San Francisco. I have a friend who does that at the Bart Station and he says it is a hoot!

For more info if you dare:

twitter @RevolushnBand




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Hub Reynolds Jr.: “Country Star of the Ages”


Incredible!  That’s the only way to describe the music and persona of country western sensation Hub Reynolds Jr.  I have to admit although I’ve interviewed thousands, Hub Reynolds has the most compelling story, similar to a Phoenix rising from the ashes. His foreordination lies within his music, and a career that was unexpectedly essential for him to pursue.


Lyrics come easy for him and his confidence runs high. He has  magically created a road that spells success for himself even after a difficult, and impossible couple of years. Aside from being a songwriter, story teller and singer, he is also an inventor, having created a unique product explained within our conversation.


A true country artist, Hub was raised in the midst of song and music, but wound up with a construction business. Eventually losing his business, millions and a couple of wives he wound up homeless, destitute, and hopeless. His experiences have helped him tell a story, and has motivated his success…here is his destiny…a tale of hope and inspiration…


“I really shouldn’t be here…I’ve got a life you wouldn’t believe”…from the artist.


Hub, how are you?


So…what do you wanna do, how do you wanna do it, and what do you wanna know…?


Talk to you, ask you questions, and everything you want the world to know…we already know that you’re a musician, but you are also a unique inventor …..let’s start there.


Well.. while I was homeless, you know I was homeless for six years and I finally got out of the street after six years last September… and while I was in the street in my little trailer box that I made a house out of I was working with Gypsy Rose Jewelry. I met Tracie and she was a photographer. I started out making jewelry for her company. I was hands-on, I can do anything with my hands, and I helped her out. Then she gave me some leather and I started making my own leather jewelry. I made leather raps like the Gladiators wore and called them HRJ Leather Raps. I was initialing them and selling them for studio money. I sold a couple of hundred of them for about $30-$50 each. Well, while I was homeless a biker crew came over to Walmart where I was living. They would bring me food or money or party and come over to visit with me and treat me like a person, not a homeless person. They all had these oil pens that they smoked, …. marijuana pens. I was making leather bracelets and everything and one of them said “why don’t you make a something to put these things in to kind of hide it”? I told them I would figure something out, and I invented this Leather  holster for these oil pens that has the marijuana in it. I invented it for the Harley Davidson bikers and they bought a couple of hundred of them. So now I’m releasing it. It’s called, “The Hubster”.  I tied in my name, it’s a holster which keeps it western and ties it into country music….I love marketing. It’s called “The Hubster” for your quick draw convenience. My invention has just been released to the world…



You’re an amazing person.


I don’t know why God gave me such energy Eileen….and you know what, I almost committed suicide. I almost took an overdose twice, I fell asleep behind the wheel, got hit by lightning, and almost hung myself twice….over a woman….over a wife. After I lost my corporation, I lost millions, but I paid everybody back, and I was broke afterwards….and she threw me in the street. But look, I’m still alive for a reason, because I believe in God and I believe I’m alive for a reason because he wants me to do something. I did 25 years of construction, and then somebody heard me singing while I was trying to reproduce Hub senior’s old classics and sent me to Nashville…. because they thought I was good enough to sing. Since then I’ve had two movie studios interested in my life story. God put me in a box and I’ve written 30 songs out of that story. I have documented this entire journey.


I didn’t know why I did it, but I did it. I took videos of this entire journey. I did 33,000 miles across America six times in my truck. I had no water, no electricity, and nobody knows that because I didn’t carry myself like a homeless person. I figured out how to wash, I figured out how to keep my clothes clean, and I walked the street like a man, but I went to bed at night in a 6 x 10 box trailer for 1920 days. Nobody knows that. I don’t want to die, and if I can’t go back to construction, and God thinks I can sing, I will use my talent and my brains and good looks, and get back home to my two boys who are in Georgia. They are my heart. My wife threw me in the street and I almost killed myself because of her. So now, I’m going to come back as Frank Sinatra. The best revenge is massive success….


So when did you start singing?


I was born on September 24th, and my real name is Russel Melvin Reynolds. My nick name is Rusty. I almost went with Rusty Reynolds as a country western artist, but…it just didn’t have the ring and I had to get a fan base. Hub Reynolds already had a fan base. He’s my supposed  Uncle… Hub Reynolds was my uncle, Melvin Reynolds was my father. Hub Reynolds got out of the service and went to live with his brother Melvin for a while. His brother thought he was fucking his wife and there’s a chance that Hub Reynolds my uncle is my real father. I graduated school with three “F’s”, two “A’s”, ….I hated school. I was dumb as shit. Then I got smart as hell out of school. I had no clue I could do all this. I decided what I was gonna do when I was living on the street and I put Hub’s music on cassette and I found a record label producer in Atlanta who would help me. I was in an $80,000 dollar Mercedes heading to Atlanta with a producer. We had a cassette on the seat plugged into the CD of his car and Hub’s old songs playing while I was singing to them. He turned off the radio and said, ” boy keep singing”. I kept singing and he said “I don’t understand why you aren’t doing what your uncle or your father or whoever he was did”. He said, ” dude you got exactly what it takes”. He said, “Let’s start on one of yours”.


So one of the first ones I wrote was “Country Girls Smile”. They sent me to Nashville on September 11, 2013 on a Sunday. I came there to the studio on Monday morning and I had never been in a vocal box in my life. I dressed for success. I had my uniform on, bucket hat, belt, you name it. No one knew me, I shook hands, and they thought I was a star, but I was nervous as hell. I went in the vocal box and they started playing the music that the studio house band put together, and I was singing to it. They started picking and playing to my style and I came out of the box after 45 minutes. Those young college kids in the band were so inspired by my style…they thought I it was awesome. The music came out great. I did the vocals in two cuts, they waved me out of the box and I was so nervous. I said, ” I know I could do better”… he said, ” what are you talking about, that was magic”.


I walked out with a CD and thanked the lord and hit the streets, getting it out there as much as I could. I went right to a radio station in Lebanon that had a contest called “Buy it or Burn it”. I walked in and asked for the production manager, she came out, and I gave her my song. It usually takes 30 days for a song to be played and she played mine the next afternoon. They played me at 4:00 and the fans voted and I won the contest. Then they played it again at 6:00 in Nashville on Tuesday evening. Thursday I got so confident I walked right in to Hank Williams Jr’s office and I talked to someone in his camp. He told me I was a star but that I needed 40/50 thousand dollars for him to represent me and I said, “Fuck man, I’m a homeless Son of a bitch”. I walked out of there and thought ” If I ain’t got the money, I’ll do this by myself”! Ever since then I’ve been working 18 to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, I swear on my children’s life to make this work. You know what….I just want a simple house and to go back to my children. If the fame and fortune comes, I’m going to help a lot of people, and they are going to have to listen to my story.


I know you get a lot of support through social media and radio throughout the country, do you have any particular supporters you would like to thank?


My biggest and number one supporter and mentor for me and my music has been Bruce Jackson from the Blast FM Radio Network. Check him out at www.blastfmsocial.mediaFollow him on twitter @BruceWayne22


Check out Hub Reynolds Hit Single “Hell I’m Just Me” on Reverbnation Here:


“Hell I’m Just Me” is being re-released worldwide on May 10th, 2018


Follow Hub Reynolds Jr on Twitter @HubReynoldsJR

Follow The Original Hubster on Twitter @TheHubsterHRJ

Purchase The Original Hubster sold




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The FM’s “Eyes Are Suffering” by Harry Wells


A smashingly devastatingly powerful once of decadent Goth best describes The FMs. From out of nowhere lead singer Matt Namer prances upon the unsuspecting listener with his music and enlightenment with a true excitement felt to the bone. You’re not sure initially if you’re being  tortured or saved, in the best possible way. Then all at once you realize, these guys care about the world and intend to try and change it.

Everything about this audacious faction is “out of the box” from their lyrics to their awe inspiring videos, giving Goth a gold medal. Their newest song, “Eyes Are Suffering”, in the words of Namer ……”We wanted to create an anthem against ignorance and complacency”. The band dives deeply into their beliefs in this song, and adds a haunting, unforgettable sonic sensibility to their meaningful lyrics.

This is a group to watch, and to watch carefully as they have potential to rise above the goth world and actually be taken very seriously. Their motto is “We’re trying to save the world without being dicks”…. you just have to love a band like that !!


For More Information:

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