AV Super Sunshine drops new single/video “Smile”

AV Super Sunshine has attracted attention from iconic performers such as Lady Gaga and it’s not hard to hear why. This is an artist geared towards eventually achieving mainstream prominence thanks to the waves of imagination sweeping over listeners over the course of both of its mixes. Sunshine is obviously unafraid to push the sonic envelope and yet expresses emotions in such a direct and unfettered fashion. The lyrical premise of this song is simple enough. AV Super Sunshine describes it as an exploration of the idea that if people tried smiling more and each other we might experience a change in our world and culture. It is a message that has enormous value in a world wracked with despair as a virus without a vaccine sweeps across the globe. Looking past that, however, both mixes included in this release are outstanding examples of the full force of AV Super Sunshine’s creativity. “Smile” is a winner.

The first mix is one of the most stylish examples of modern songcraft you’ll hear in 2020. Working alongside his collaborator producer Michael Bradford, the merger of longtime musical elements like guitar with electronic instruments like computerized drums, keyboards, and synthesizers gives the track a freshness that many listeners will immediately respond to. It has an accumulating effect listeners will enjoy – AV Super Sunshine adds elements along the way that build the track to a stirring conclusion.

AV Super Sunshine – Smile (Official Video)

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His vocals for the first mix delve deep into the listener’s consciousness with deceptive ease. He has a way of gliding through the lines with artistic finesse, but there’s undeniable emotional impact in his vocal phrasing that brings the lyrics to life. He has an obvious investment in each word. The accompanying backing vocals punctuate his own voice and their presence is never omnipresent. The vocals for the second mix are quite different, though the lyrics are no different. Bradford’s work in the second mix transforms AV Super Sunshine’s voice through electronic filtering and the backing vocals are still present but much more restrained.

The arrangement for the second mix relies on a total blast of electronica. Synthesizers, computerized drumming, keyboards, and other effects carry listeners off into a much different world than what we’re exposed to in the first take on this song. The message remains the same however and the arrangement never obscures its impact. This track is much more directed towards radio play and live settings than the former and undoubtedly engages listeners in a physical way that the first does not. It doesn’t diminish the impact of the first however.

It’s a top notch package release that will appeal to many different listeners. AV Super Sunshine has the confidence, talent, and vision to create some of the best cutting edge pop tunes available today. It’s fantastic to know that there are still artists out there willing to take chances and deliver messages to listeners unlike anything else you’ll hear from other musicians today. The songwriting talent here is evident and grabs you by the heart.

Clay Burton