B.Boogie (SCR) Releases freshman Mixtape on Valentine’s Day

B.Boogie (SCR) Releases freshman Mixtape on Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Get your date ready for the release of B.Boogie’s freshman mixtape, “My Letter To Love”. This tape is very peculiar as each track has a different, tone sound and all written by himself. The project involves artists like Mike Checkk, Young Vale, good friend Sir$aintBravo and others that have supported him thus far.

Brandon Martin (B.Boogie) is a native of Memphis, Tn. He signed with South Camp Records in season one, 2019 as a part of the group, 9-O-H-1. After the group split up, B.Boogie began his solo career recording music for his albums and mixtapes to release this year, 2020. While the album is in completion, South Camp Records support him in his new mixtape.

This Valentine’s day, fill your ears, iPods, speakers to the vibes of love. Whether you gain love or lose it, there is something on this tape for everybody. His soul music is the type of relaxation and love you need this year around. B. Boogie’s “My Letter to Love” is scheduled to drop on February 14.


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