Baseball Gregg is back with new LP

Baseball Gregg is an electro-pop duo based in Stockton, California, by way of Bologna, Italy. Samuel Regan and Luca Lovisetto met as students. As their sound has matured, the interesting paths and corners of the listening mind also expanded. Calendar, a 12-track album via La Barberia Records (ITA), Z Tapes (SLO), is further proof that synergy can happen anywhere, anytime. 

In late 2019, the first track released, “Hong Kong Hike” showcased Baseball Gregg’s essence and interesting way of capturing a worldview. Much like Air and Radiohead would agree that this single stretches the artistic imagination. In early February, they released “Movies (featuring Pecas and William Corduroy) with its strong yet-quirky synth keys and strong lyrically imagery.

Calendar by Baseball Gregg

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These next two songs proved to be my top picks from Calendar.

“Pleasure and Pain” has a quick mention of weed, before the lyrics hit a, er, high note. “I wish that I could feel, anything at all, could be pleasure, or pain, in the morning my alarm goes off, I turn it off, and stay in bed, no need to fret, I have another set” sings Regan. This song hit closer to home than I care to admit, but while the lyrics are trying, the music bed itself has this incredible euphoria. It sounds like a happy song despite the lyrics. Maybe it’s silly, but there is hope with this song, there is a voice that nudges you to get out of bed.

In “Never Bored” Baseball Gregg continue to flabbergast. How can such melancholy lyrics sound so inviting, so lovely and cozy? That’s the magic of Baseball Gregg. With lyrics like “ I suppose that I’m just getting older, I’m afraid I haven’t lived enough, I spend so much time on my own, I should stop feeling sorry for myself, ’cause in the end I’m pretty fine, just another product of my time, take the time to talk all these things through, don’t leave it bottled up inside ’cause that, just leaves you feeling blue” there’s a feeling that the world needs a hug. This person needs to be embraced. They feel like they have a boatload of problems, but compared to other people, they really don’t. It’s hard to break that mindset, that you feel like you have the worst luck or can’t shake loneliness. This song puts to words those feelings and I do think Baseball Gregg are also lending a hand out to folks to reach out to their friends – you are not alone. This song is an artistic achievement, hands down.


Overall, there are quite a few gems on Calendar. Special shout out to the opener “Toursong” and track 11 “Slow”. Baseball Gregg is an exciting band and 2020 is looking to be a banner year for their unique sound and engaging songwriting. High marks for Calendar and just as their song “Never Bored” suggests, as a listener I am never bored listening to any of their songs. Keep those hits coming, Baseball Gregg. I’m ready to catch ‘em.

Clay Burton