Bay Area Director Mitpar Is Shooting and Reaching For The Stars

From filming skits in his backyard to directing people to hang off the back of Corvettes, 20 year old Mitch aka Mitpar Films has been using his talent to create music videos for up and coming music artists from all over California for the past three years. After working with artists from Lake County in Northern California all the way down to Los Angeles, Mitpar’s name is now being brought up on the east coast in New York, Virginia, and Florida, where there’s entirely new music scenes that he wants to get in touch with. When Mitpar was 18 years old, he was discovered and scouted by Black Market Records in Sacramento, which is when he received his first paid music video gig for the artist Kyd Sway’s single, Pink Molly. He stated that he doesn’t see himself removing that video from YouTube in the future because it shows his progression and growth as a director.

Mitpar was the first director in the Bay Area to receive the first Videographer Award at the 2021 North Bay Gala Music Awards, which was awarded to him for his entire body of work in 2020 and 2021. In 2022, he was also given the title “Videographer of the Month” for the month of April by LoadingUnderground for his more recent projects such as the music videos for Pvrgatxry’s song “Worth Dying For” and Izaiah Hart’s single “DUH DUH DUMB”.

Always being a technology kid, Mitpar was always interested in how cameras worked, so he spent a lot of his childhood watching movies of all genres. He hopes to start adding movie references and reenacted scenes into his videos. There are shots and angles from movies you might spot in his videos that you don’t see other directors utilizing.

In the future, Mitpar has stated that his end goal is to be signed to a label or a production team so he can constantly travel with a solid team of other creatives and meet new music artists from all over the country.

Mitpar Films is almost constantly putting out new music videos with new and returning artists on his YouTube channel. He is currently preparing for a trip to Florida to work with Un$poken, Hibari555 and Graffiti Avenue, which he has kept his eye on because of their unique styles and sounds. He said that the projects he creates in Florida are “going to blow socks off” when they come out, so it’s safe to say that we should keep our eyes peeled for those!

You can find all of Mitpar’s released videos on YouTube on the MitparFilms channel and on his instagram @mitparfilms.


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