Beatrice Betley releases “Flow”

Beatrice Betley musters up another hit in the hybrid “Flow”. Mostly jazz, but possessing some standout pop and Latin tendencies, this new track from Betley is a rollercoaster of funk and grooves. Structured like a singer from the great jazz era of the Twenties, Betley’s improvisational style and bewitching voice leads the listener down a syncopated dance opportunity.


This sleek singer was born in Hamburg, Germany, but is now based in The Hague (The Netherlands). “Flow” is from her album Upside|Down , available via Not A Fox Records. Betley’s desirable rhythms are self-penned, with her influences mapped out from across the globe. She notes Buenos Aires’ Flamenco guitar as her favorite, as well as popular European EDM beats. In “Flow” her voice vibrates and twists and turns the harmonies like a shape shifter.

Beatrice Betley

Beatrice Betley, Category: Artist, Singles: Flow, Sunshine, Lullaby, Gone, Top Tracks: Sunshine, Lullaby, Gone, Biography: Beatrice Betley is a Vocalist, Songwriter and Composer from Hamburg – Germany, currently living and working in The Netherlands., Monthly Listeners: 1069, Where People Listen: Santiago, Istanbul, Buenos Aires, Jakarta, São Paulo

The story being told in “Flow” is one of happenstance. That is, the protagonist is finding love in a very unforeseen place: work. And, in the music video, it’s assumed that the everyday monotony, traffic jams, the cog in the work wheel leads to love. Visually, the music video is like a trance. Betley’s EDM affinities shine through in the lights and laser-like movements. A dancer twists and folds her arms around like a Hindi priestess. Flashes of instruments – the keyboards, the drums and more enlighten the viewer. Rippling through the track is a chime and sloshing of jazz percussion. The drum work in “Flow” is delightfully vintage, but with a twist of modern motion. Betley’s movement with the song is bolstered by high fidelity jazz. The saxophone – hard at work – stretches the mood into something lush and charismatic. All the while the music bed is pitter-pattering and grooving with the bass lines, Betley’s authenticity shimmers like a glowing night city skyline. I liked this dynamic of the night scenes, the dark and light juxtaposition. One has to pretend that after a long’s day’s work, these two characters met up for drinks and some mattress dancing. Soul shaking and arousing, the finger tapping arrangements collude with the keys and saxophone to create sonic magic. Praise for her extra spunk and her commitment to the genre. “Never saw it coming,” Betley sings, her voice in full control. Betley casts her spell with sincere swagger. She’s agile, but relaxed in her zone.


For all of you that want to funk up your day – we made this song for you!! Hope you love listening to it as much as we loved making it! Official video for th…

I first came to know Betley’s work with the tango-like “Sunshine”, and “Flow” is another taste of an artist whose passion for jazz crossover seems limitless. Her other released singles include “Lullaby” and “Gone”. Marinate in the sound for a bit, and the juices start to sizzle, the body starts to move some more and the hips start shaking. “Flow” gains momentum with each special listen. Listeners not familiar with jazz shouldn’t be intimidated. Betley is all the introduction you need. She will take you by the hand (and ears) and you will be swept away by her vocal prowess. Not too prissy or majestic, her natural ease is endearing. This accessibility is what gives “Flow” high regards.

Clay Burton