Behind The Scenes Of The Music Video: Allegra – ‘All About Us’

Behind The Scenes Of The Music Video: Allegra – ‘All About Us’

Brit singer Allegra is on track to becoming the next big female pop singer. Having achieved success with her breakout single ‘All About Us’, which reached dizzying heights on both the Billboard and Music Week dance charts, alongside unleashing the accompanying pastel aesthetic music video for the track. Now Allegra has bounded back, with the release of the behind the scenes visual for ‘All About Us’ in all its youthful glory.

The track starts off softly with a band of sweeping synths subtly introducing the song. However, don’t be fooled because Allegra’s vocals come in all guns blazing with her powerful female lead making its presence well and truly heard, singing assertively “I’m All About You/One hundred percent you is my truth.”

The music video is both bold, daring and dynamic. Letting the youthful glow of this emerging singer shine through, Allegra can be seen to be making the most of her younger years, by singing aloud the song lyrics and skating around the derelict urban setting of the music video.

The behind the scenes visual gives budding Allegra fans the almost first-hand insight they inspire to have. Following a cohort of cameras around as they chase Allegra and her group of fun-loving friends around on skater style equipment, its clear to see the ‘All About Us’ string of releases are set out to be this fun-filled adventure for Allegra and co.

Get a behind the scenes glimpse at Allegra’s ‘All About Us’ below.

Allegra – All About Us (Behind The Scenes)

This is the behind the scenes video for the shooting of the music video for the debut Top 5 Chart single by Allegra. The single has already hit #2 in both the Music Week Top 40 Club Commercial Pop Chart and Music Week Top 100 Club Chart on Freaktone Records via Believe Music.


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