Blanks provides us with the quarantine song of 2020

Blanks provides us with the quarantine song of 2020

During these uncertain and downright bizarre times, most of us are turning to music to help us see it through. Fortunately for us lost souls, some musicians are using this as an opportunity to write their own take on the whole quarantine situation. Blanks included.

Blanks originally shot to fame on his YouTube channel, “musicbyblanks”, reworking well-known songs using different genres or eras of influence. This led to nods of approval from stars like Post Malone and Ariana Grande for his versions of their songs, and, later on, releasing his own original songs.

Latest of these original releases is the tune which Blanks wrote whilst in quarantine, titled ‘Dance Alone’. It’s a bittersweet-sounding song with lyrics we can certainly all relate to – “been running out of things to think / I need a higher ceiling / called all my friend ‘cos I need help / distract me from my demons…”

When the chorus kicks in, its peak 80s nostalgia in the modern-retro way that only Blanks can pull off. The aesthetic of his channel is no doubt one of the many key elements to which Blanks owes his successes. The hook, “I’ve been lost, lost in the rhythm lately / I don’t know, know how to dance alone,” should speak to all of us who are somewhat struggling to adjust to this new way of living.

Fresh from basking in the previous success of single ‘Sweaters’ – an indie-pop ode to leaving parties early to go home and watch Netflix – it seems that Blanks is on hand to put all our emotions to the catchiest of music, with resounding success.

The video for ‘Dance Alone’ sees Blanks sitting (where else?) at home, in amongst his house plants, showing off a variety of outfit changes and some of his best solo dance moves. Released only a few days ago, the video already has 140k views, and it was the comment section which convinced Blanks to release this song on Spotify, in advance of his next official release, Silly People, coming later in April.

Watch ‘Dance Alone’ below and follow @musicbyblanks to stay up-to-date with the latest information on releases and live shows.

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