Blanks releases the introvert’s anthem ‘Sweaters’

Blanks releases the introvert’s anthem ‘Sweaters’

BLANKS is anything but your typical YouTuber. Cutting through the noise of influencers on the platform, Blanks instead uses his social media reach (a very respectable 1M subscribers) to spread his love of music – in his typical, “overexcited” style.

Now, branching out further into the world of music, Blanks has launched himself in without looking back. He is a stellar songwriter who takes his happiness and love of life and translates it into songs which are simultaneously relatable and universal, yet still totally set him apart from the crowd.

His latest release, ‘Sweaters’ is no different. It takes courage to admit vulnerability, and even more so to sing about it, especially when the whole of the internet is watching you. But this is exactly what Blanks has done with this song, which is sure to become the anthem of introverts everywhere, who are out at parties but would much rather be at home, wearing pyjamas and, yes, sweaters.

The song makes use of Blanks’ signature clap-along beats and 80s-influenced basslines, all held together by Blanks’ note-perfect performance which tackles an impressive vocal range with absolute ease. Blanks was inspired to write ‘Sweaters’ when he attended a typical party in LA and (aside from a highlight of the night when he met the legendary Quincy Jones!) didn’t feel at home. He listened to his own energy levels and left, returning home to cosy up in a big sweater, and writing this song.

The release of ‘Sweaters’ comes at a very exciting time for Blanks. Heading into the new year with an incredibly well-received performance at Eurosonic festival under his belt, this self-made pop star is looking forward to a headline slot at Vidcon London from the 20th-23rd February 2020, as well as a headline show on the 21st April at Colours Hoxton and an exciting spot on the bill at The Great Escape festival in Brighton, 13th-16th of May 2020.

Watch the live video for ‘Sweaters’ down below and make sure you follow Blanks on social media (@musicbyblanks) for updates!

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