Bramses Xalyxys Releases Mysterious Warrior EP

The multi-faceted Bramses Xalyxys has successfully created his own unique universe, within the confines of his new EP. Mysterious Warrior is a mashup of Music and Cinema, that’s the first installment of what is set to be a trifecta of albums. The story takes place on the fictional planet of Vortuxs, and follows the leader of said planet’s journey of discovery. Jaet, is the leader of the fictional planet, and is part of an army of dragon wolves. All this comes from the imagination of Xalyxys, who is part composer, part screenwriter, and a more than capable musician.


“Prayer Of The Lost Warrior” is something of an introductory monologue set to music. It’s dramatic and shrouded with mythical intrigue. Dark days will shine when you return to the home you have created for us, an ominous voice says. We gain an unmistakable perspective of Vortuxs and its villainous colony. As a soundbite, “Prayer Of The Lost Warrior” is an attention grabber.

“Swords That Deserve To Be Ruled,” is when we learn that Bramses is the real deal, musically. The production is stellar and the musicianship is virtuosic.  There are some Fozzy vibes on this particular track, but more than anything there is an unmistakably raw, metal-tinged power. The premise for this one sounds like someone transcribing the synopsis for Lord Of The Rings. It must be said that Bramses seems just as enthused and committed to reaching the uninitiated as he does the followers of his netherworld.

“Secrets Of A Warrior,” features more shredding guitar and blast beats, but is a bit more contemplative. The verse/chorus dynamic is slightly flipped, with the former being more explosive. While not necessarily the standout track on Mysterious Warrior, “Secrets Of A Warrior,” serves as a transitional piece. It’s also of course a vital part of the overall narrative, as we progress further into the journey of Jaet. If nothing else, this one is a certifiable head banger.

I’m crawling to the fountain/from the flames. “In The Black Flames There Is A White Battle,” has Bramses getting a bit more ambitious, vocally. In fact, the artist shows more vocal range than one might have originally anticipated on the rather patient track. Bramses allows everything to breathe on this one, and the results are spectacular . By the time we get to the end of the song, the spoken delivery of the chorus immerses us into the spiritual state of Jaet at this point in his saga. Go out of your way to check out “In The Black Flames There Is A White Battle,” as it’s one of the pivotal tracks on Mysterious Warrior.

Mysterious Warrior

Listen to Mysterious Warrior on Spotify. Bramses Xalyxys · Single · 2022 · 6 songs.

Bramses has achieved what many aspire to, but often fall short of. Even more remarkably, he has reached his objective  without compromising his vision. Conceptually, Mysterious Warrior may not be for everyone, but musically it is undeniable. To merely conceive of the extraordinary attention to detail and chronology that it takes to construct something like this record is mind-blowing. Overall, it’s in the purest creative spirit of Bramses Xalyxys that beats the heart of a true warrior.

Clay Burton