Caley Kenny Teams Up With Syris For Electronic Pop Single ‘Better Off’

Caley Kenny Teams Up With Syris For Electronic Pop Single ‘Better Off’

About The Release

Up-and-coming singer/songwriter Caley Kenny teams up with Syris to deliver an uplifting, anthemic, and powerful electronic pop single ‘Better Off’. The melodic electronic/trap single features a driving trap beat, a powerful bassline, and an intimate vocal performance by Caley Kenny. The powerful chords and melody featured throughout the track add a unique uplifting vibe paired with Caley’s angelic vocals. The arrangement of ‘Better Off’ is unique and different from that of other electronic and pop productions giving Caley’s voice another level of energy. Moreover, the single spotlights the artist’s vocal abilities. Undoubtedly, the single has the ability to impact the listener as it contains a unique style and sound that gives the track an identity. The powerful production of the single and the grasping storytelling will take the listener into a musical journey. The track has the ability to resonate with any electronic/pop aficionado as it has every element to be catchy, memorable, and impactful.

About Caley Kenny

Caley Kenny is an emerging artist ready to break through the scene with a unique twist to popular music. Originating from Orinda, California, Caley Kenny has aspired to become a lung-full of fresh air in a saturated music scene. Inspired by the likes of Etta James, Billie Holiday, and Amy Winehouse, Caley seeks to create music that blends jazz, soul, hip hop, and oldies all into one. Moreover, her sound strives to become timeless and artistic. Caley Kenny is set to cement herself in the music scene with a unique style and sound that will differentiate her from generic pop artists. Undoubtedly, she is an artist to keep an eye on and ear out for.

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