Casey Ahern releases Single

A plaintive strum. A seasoned melody. An angelic voice as smooth as silk. It doesn’t take more than a couple of seconds after first meeting the sweet sounds of Casey Ahern’s new single “Just a Dance” to realize why it’s becoming one of the season’s most-talked about country songs out of the underground, and in all actuality, the mainstream as well. Ahern brings her A-game to this stunner of a ballad; powered by her dynamic vocal style, “Just a Dance” uses implied rhythm to join us with its narrative in a way that is nothing less than magnificently intimate. Rather than weighing down the backend of the track with filler, Ahern stays at center stage from the moment we get started to the second that the music fades into the ethers from which it was originally sprung just minutes before, leaving us with no choice but to fall deeper and deeper under the spell of her sly serenade. She demonstrates poetic virtuosities of an erudite nature in this song and, in essence, leaves anyone listening begging for more.

Casey Ahern – Just A Dance (Official Video)

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This is probably the most vocally-indulgent composition that I’ve heard from Casey Ahern before, but I would stop short of describing it as a total excess-fest. The same glow that we found in the immaculate “Indio” is lingering over the verses here, but it’s different somehow – there’s so much more tension, a sort of longing if you will, and it doesn’t completely come apart at the command of our leading lady’s sultry singing. Ahern spends some time chipping away at the instrumental side of the track before finally bursting into melodic flames as the climax of “Just a Dance” erupts before our very ears, and in its wake we don’t find the commonplace arrogance of a typical pop outro; we hear only a humble vocal harmony that will echo into the silence for what could be an eternity. This isn’t music to love by, fight by or even commiserate by – “Just a Dance” is a contemplative, elegant ballad of introspection, and whether you’re a country fan or not, it’s a got a way of appealing to the most human of sensibilities nevertheless.


I’ve been following Casey Ahern for a while now, and though I was definitely expecting to be wowed by this latest single, I didn’t at all think that I was going to be as affected by its lucid lyrical lashings as much as I was. The best country music ever made has been created around a concise, anti-enigmatic poeticism that many in the mainstream Nashville scene have abandoned since the dawn of the new millennium nearly twenty years ago (unfortunately), but if Ahern’s new single gets into rotation anywhere in the American south or Rocky Mountain west, she could undeniably play an important role in getting her contemporaries back on track. In this song, we’re reminded that love can be as everlasting as the clouds in the sky just as easily as it can be fleeting, not unlike an Indian summer moon, but regardless how long the sparks fly, a dance as special as this one is never just a dance.

Clay Burton