Charley Young releases Amazing Single

“Hold The Moon” is an EDM and Dance Music cut, and it’s a vibrant piece of music for any Pop lover, let alone the dance community. This is a song of remarkable achievement with two mixes to enjoy, and the Retro Mix is getting the immediate attention it deserves, as it adds some spark to the mix for more hardcore lovers of EDM and Synthpop music scene. The track versions can be distinguished by different shades on their single cover images, but to musically distinct them, one is enhanced for older listeners who like shorter, but more beat tracked versions. Charley Young hits a home run on this killer release.


The chorus pops a little more on the Retro Mix and that’s a good indication of why it should be emphasized in this review as the heart of the whole vibe of this colossal single. But the main ingredients of the song cut’s through on both versions. The sound of Young’s voice is the first thing you notice, and it is of the standard in which any artist would be proud of. Especially on the said chorus which stands up to anything around, Dance Music or not. It’s that good, but also musically matched as well.

One of the easiest ways to notice the difference between the two mixes is by the way they both start out slightly differently. You can switch them up with your mood or take your pick for any time listening to “Hold The Moon” because of the diversity of the two. This is not just another mix of a track in the traditional way, because they’re actually- completely different at the end of the day and the Retro Mix is my choice for the more energetic pace. It’s just a preference, though, and nothing more.

Charley Young is very good at what she does, it’s on the level of major artists because it has the formula Pop music fans demand but goes above and beyond the effort of most artists in this genre going around for years now. The music usually takes on a lot of beats and it’s about knowing where to make them pop within the song structure and it’s not as easy as Young makes it look. The lyrics are fantastic and anything a person would want to hear about the singer doing, and Young meets many a standard in the process.


With influences clearly coming from the direction of only the best artists of her type, you can credit everyone from Blondie to Annie Lennox, but she exceeds their genre limitations with a lot of moxie and originality, rather than being a copycat artist like many can be described compared to her. You’ll want to check out other tracks and covers by Charley Young once you hear either version of this very strong cut, and that is the least you’ll want to do after hearing on loop several times over. This is world class EDM Music, with a hundred percent Pop crossover appeal.

Clay Burton