Chasta J Callies Announced New Soul Stirring Vibes on Music Album The Rebirth

San Antonio, TX Release: Dec 12, 2020. For Immediate Release

Chasta J Callies announced her long awaited debut, bringing a unique flow of pop soul to fans with the release of The Rebirth. This EP/Album is a follow up to her “Betta Dayz” single she released earlier this year April 2020.

Callies recorded this whole project at her San Antonio apartment using Garageband. She wrote all songs and produced all except “This is Me Now” which ThaiBeats was the collaborating producer.

Callies began her singing career at the age of 6 where she was confined and restricted to singing only Christian/Gospel music. She lost her passion for music for the past 15 years because she wanted to break away from what was expected. Callies says” This pandemic made me look within to really release who I really am on an authentic level.” She describes herself and her music as purely raw with a balance of masculine and feminine energy that translates as REAL. Callies believes that being awakened to her true identity has helped expand her gifts in ways she didn’t believe was possible.
She takes her fans on a journey from heartbreak to triumph on this 6 song EP/Album. “Loving Me” has a R&B feel focused on moving away from heartbreak and starting again. “This is Me Now” more of a raw hip-hop flow, “Enough” is pop-soul vibes giving a glimpse into knowing self-worth, “Different” has a band sound which encourages fans to be bold in themselves and their uniqueness, “Don’t ya Know” another R&B flow that just makes you want to get up and dance, “Feeling Good” this is the outro, a simple vibe which focuses on feeling good after going through a tough period.

Essentially, The Rebirth can be best described as “Uplifting”. Listeners will find it soothing yet lit. Callies is excited to bring this project to the world stage, finally.

Fans can listen to The Rebirth on platforms that include: Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music& iTunes, Tidal, Pandora and Amazon Music just to name a few. Also, on her website:

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