“Choose Love Not Fear” by Gary Heil & Ryan Heil

Stumbling over the present to get to the future? The function of powerheads in the past has been leading with insurrection, that damning quality of leadership known as corporate malfeasance. How dare these monstrosities of governance pull from the resources available to build conglomerate giants on the backs of hard working folks being paid a working wage? Instead, with the fundamental foundation of knowledge, connecting teams of spectacular players who drive commitment and feasibility studies to prove a more effective culture would be far more proficient.

The predictability of culturally diverse and syncretic solutions as innovative as they are significant should have been obvious for generations. Yet, cultural studies of the past century have concluded that culture (our basic culture of diversity and independence that brought us shining into the 21st century and beyond) has created a powerful resistance to protect past practices and prevent future innovation. The principled dynamic that can change this scenario is love.

By cauterizing the deep chasms of dysfunction and diversification with a spirit of love we can create a compelling sense of worth and commitment. As a reader, I seriously got stuck in the fortunate example of leaders who have demonstrated inherent belief through solving social issues. The demonstrative illustration that explains “one size doesn’t fit all” reminded me of the many positions that I’d counseled workers through where bosses of “big corporate” jobs used threats of firing to convince workers to fulfill their commitments. Then too, I was reminded of the many diverse personalities of various leaders throughout history who led by fear or threat, and those who led by loving motivation.

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I was struck by the extraordinary assertion that love is the motivation behind success. Not because I don’t believe it, but rather because I do believe that love conquers a myriad of sins. Creating a culture of loving acceptance maximizes the outcomes, because everyone experiences the emotional benefit. Everyone relates to the kind word. And even science explains the positive outcome of feeling good verses experiencing stress. Essentially, the basis of every single marketing lesson I’ve ever learned is “build a relationship first” meaning love them into the fold before you send them out to sell your products.

The power of these concepts in an innovative visionary model drives success through a different apparatus, but with the same general concepts as centuries before. Build them up in loving relationships and send them out with confidence to accomplish levels of greatness never before known to man.

I was caught up in the visual of growing relationships and connecting people with cause when I realized there’s a functional aspect of this process happening currently, driving the economy to levels of success we’ve never seen before in the history of the world. Relationships make all the difference. This one simple fact breathes life into the workforce and breathed life into the book as I read through page after page of conceptual strategies that brought motivation to the “person” level and encouraged people to find meaningful purpose within their jobs.

While reading about a variety of opportunities for making an impact through broader job definition, I was reminded of an interview with Ivanka Trump, where she said, “What motivates you has to be the impact.” She expanded on that by discussing her gratitude for living in this country, and then, she said, “I come into the office every morning incredibly grateful to fight for the people of this country.”

The idea of being remarkable, in a world of mediocrity isn’t new… It’s actually a very tried and true concept that continues to build high-expectations for teams, leaders, and people who refuse to settle for less than the best. The striking impact we make when we expect ordinary people to become extraordinary, and give them the tools to become everything we expect them to be is profound. Every person has the potential to be GREAT. Why do we demotivate, hold them back, and give them jobs that suck at their innovative ideas, instead of encouraging them to be better?

Are we so afraid of success that we can’t allow ourselves to step beyond those limitations that hold us back, and believe that we can be exceptional, extraordinary, and profoundly amazing? I was inspired to look for the higher expectations that I could have in others, and find ways to promote people to higher ground.

Confidence matters. In this book, I read a few specific concepts that I believe are profoundly inspired for the purpose of looking to leaders who are not only capable of igniting a fire under a message, but sharing the message, and overpoweringly sharing that message from a platform of hope. I believe we have many leaders in our nation, in our businesses, and in our world who do exactly this.

Written by Jan Verhoeff, posted by Clay Burton