Chris Nelson

Chris Nelson

Chris Nelson has been playing music for over 25 years and has written a large volume of songs, mostly under the name of his former band, Fishkill, although on most of the recordings, he played all the instruments. Some of the songs have even reached high chart positions on a variety of Internet radio stations. He released a total of four discs under this name.
In 2004, he turned the recording project into a live band and began playing music throughout the central Pennsylvania area. The band even participated in the 2005 Bodog Battle of the Bands in Philadelphia, where they made an impression on the crowd as something a little out of the ordinary. The band, however, only recorded six songs, three of which are live performances. Poor audience turnout and the loss of their first drummer altered the creative chemistry of the band and ultimately, they parted ways.

After the band broke up in 2006, Nelson began compiling songs that would be used to re-launch himself as a solo musician. This time, he started leaning toward a more folk-like sound, while keeping the spirit of rock and roll intact. What followed was a new sound known as “Dark Folk”.
In 2009, he released his first solo CD, “Nightfall” which features all new songs which range from hard rock to acoustic folk. He currently performs songs live as an acoustic performer, but still has a full band on record.

In 2011, he released the follow up to this disc, “The Invisible Man” as a digital only release. The album has gotten regional attention around central Pennsylvania with tracks being played on both terrestrial and Internet radio stations.

His song “In Praise Of Failure” was featured as one of Discover the Areas Music and Entertainment Scene (DAMES) of PA’s top five songs of 2011.
His music has been featured on WRVV 97.3 FM’s Local Music Program “Open Mic Night with Michael Anthony Smith” broadcasting in the Central Pennsylvania.

He has also worked with Michael Ellenbogen, author of “The Insider’s Guide to Saving Money” on a song about his life with Alzheimer’s disease.

He organized the three “Sound Off For Vets” concerts to raise money in support of wounded military men and women in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (USA) from 2010 to 2012.

He is the first to feature the kantele, a Finnish folk instrument, in western rock music. The instrumental track “Dodecahedron” from the “Once in a Blue Mood” album features Stäni Steinbock playing the kantele. Steinbock is a well-known Finnish musician.

His last release, “Story of a Young Couple” is a piece of literary fiction that is written in music about a family whose children are coming of age and struggles and challenges each of them face as they try to deal with these permanent changes in their life. Each track is a ‘chapter’ from the overall story, however, they can stand on their own as individual songs. In addition, there is a booklet with additional story information for a fuller experience. The idea was to combine a novel and a record album into one work.

His latest work is a mostly instrumental album which features the usual sounds, but also explores new musical territory. It features 12 tracks: four songs and eight instrumentals.

Chris Nelson | Rock from Lebanon, PA

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