Come down release

Come down is the next release lined up for the up and coming UK artist Motiv. Coming to all streaming platforms on the 31st of January 2021. This song will be released along side a full professional music video out on the same date. My previous releases are available on Youtube / Spotify / Apple and just about every other platform. The presave link is available here.

This song was inspired by a turbulent time in my life when I was constantly binge drinking and using other substances. My mind was always under the influence of some drug that led me to over think my life and experiences. This track was my way of reflecting on these thoughts and sharing my experiences with the world the only way I know how.

Yanick Lumsden, known professionally as Motiv is a UK based rapper, Songwriter and performer born and raised in London.

He has been making music since he was 13 back when he lived on a council estate in Colindale. It would be an understatement to say he had a lot of work to do lyric wise, flow wise and just about every other way to bring himself up to par. Over the years he has honed his skills and really found his niche within the music industry. Primarily focused on sending positivity and his reality to his peers and community, his genres range from R&b, trap, drill and hip-hop. With 15+ years’ experience of honing his skills he is now ready to showcase his talents to the world. Motiv is relatively new to releasing music and performing live but has achieved a lot in a short amount of time. With 14 releases under his belt within the last 2 years including 4 collaborations with artist all other the world including America, Africa and Belgium he is now focusing on growing his fan base and promoting his up and coming EP which is set for release in August 2021. For any inquiries you can contact him directly on his Instagram @motiv_musik