Conceptz – Splash (single) feat. Bennie Blanco

Conceptz – Splash (single) feat. Bennie Blanco


In a sexy, smoothly crafted bevy of colorful vocal tones and rhymes melded directly into the music, Conceptz drops another masterpiece in their latest single, “Splash,” which sees the hip-hop duo teaming up with fellow lyrical genius Benny Blanco in what could easily be described as the breakout song of the year. “Splash” is a slick hard jam steeped in swirling ambience and guaranteed to get even the most dedicated of wallflowers out onto the dance floor, led by a hard funk beat that doesn’t stop once it gets started. As a devout hip-hop fan, this is exactly the kind of track that I look for every summer, and it delivers all of the white hot goods that I look for in any relevant pop song.

“Splash” surprisingly contains some of the most original rapping that I’ve heard in years, which really says a lot considering all of the remarkable fresh talent hitting the music scene today. What shouldn’t surprise anyone is the work ethic that Conceptz brings with them into the studio all day, every day. You don’t just compose a song like “Splash” out of thin air; you write a basic outline, develop the rhythm, experiment with the samples and modulate everything until the listener is completely hypnotized by the sonic oasis that they’ve just entered. Conceptz doesn’t cut corners on anything. They’re all in, even on a track designed to be a radio-friendly single that will introduce a wider audience to their exciting sound and style.

You can tell that Conceptz is comprised of two men who clearly have more chemistry than your average music duo, but you may not know that the pair are actually brothers by blood. In the last seven years, including a brief hiatus, they’ve been consistently creating intensely satisfying music without borders or barriers, and there’s a lot for younger artists just starting out to learn from these two performers. Amateurs try to do what Conceptz does, while true pros will take a page from their innovative stylization and chart their own route away from the rest of the crowd. I think that’s the ultimate narrative behind all of the music that they create, and it would be nice if the rest of pop music reflected their sincerity.

I’m so eager to hear a new full-length from Conceptz in the near future, having just gotten into this hip-hop sensation recently. Going back over their previous work, you can see an evolution in both their songwriting and their presentation of the finished product, and time is proving to be on their side in terms of artistic development and evolution. Snag a copy of “Splash,” which is available everywhere this summer, and see for yourself why critics and fans can’t stop talking about what this pair of lyrical magicians are dispatching these days. If you’re a fan of catchy, memorable music that leaves you feeling a little more upbeat and energetic about the day ahead, you won’ be disappointed in what this song has to offer.


Clay Burton