Corey Stapleton & The Pretty Pirates – Sea Change

Corey Stapleton & The Pretty Pirates delivers an open and honest performance on their new album Sea Change. Stapleton broaches a myriad of subjects both political and personal throughout the album. He accompanies these topics with delicious electric guitar riff’s, putting Sea Change into a modern country-pop category. Over the course of 12 tracks Stapleton opens up to audiences with vulnerable and truthful lyrics about lost love and the state of the world. This openness makes Sea Change a sturdy debut album that will stand the test of time.


Opening track, “Sea Change,” is a gentle examination of navigating change, both personally and politically. “Sea Change” chronicles a change of heart for Stapleton and the nation having to make sense of its own internal changes. “Its harder to be the land of the free/Big brother watches everything we see,” is what Stapleton tackles in the second verse. Listeners can take their pick to what Stapleton is singing about, since America has seen so much change over the last two years. “Sea Change” is one of the best songs on the album because of how Stapleton approaches the complex feelings that accompany change. By pairing the personal with the collective, Stapleton makes “Sea Change” an incredibly relatable song. What happens in our world effects our personal lives, something this track makes clear.

Stapleton’s vocals stand out on Sea Change, he has a unique vocal range that suits both ballads and upbeat country-pop tracks. His voice is front and center on every track but his melodies are never lost. “My First Rodeo. Not.,” blends modern country with the narrative style of classic country ballads. It depicts someone coming into town who’s looking for trouble, with Stapleton singing about how it’d be better for this person to go, than stay. This track is the most unique track on Sea Change, its tone is sexier and more combative than the rest of the album. The bridge is what stood out the most to me, instead of a slick guitar riff or Stapleton belting, the tempo slows and he speaks, “Sophisticated, educated, loaded to the gills.” This immediately catches your attention, as Stapleton rhythmically gives listeners a snapshot of who this unwanted traveler is. By the end of his description Stapleton is belting, launching the song into an electrified hemisphere.

Sea Change

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Every track on Sea Change is masterfully mixed. The solid production and overall sound on Sea Change is what makes it so cohesive. Whether its gentle acoustic guitars and Stapleton crooning, or swift electric guitar riff’s, Stapleton and The Pretty Pirates don’t miss. There are so many catchy melodies on this album that hook you instantly. Songs like “Kabul’s Fallen” and “Even Though” pull you in and don’t let you go until the song is over. All of the melodies and riffs set the scene for Stapleton to bring his honest and vulnerable lyrics to life. Sea Change has a variety of songs and subjects that all have a place on this record. I admire Stapleton’s choice to sing about politics through his personal experience and observations. He’s never preaching, just reflecting.

Sea Change is the country album you’ve been waiting for. With upbeat tracks that will get stuck in your head instantly and heartfelt ballads on love and personal transformation, Corey Stapleton and The Pretty Pirates cover it all. This album has something for everyone and comments honestly on how difficult change and transformation can be. Sea Change is a breezy and honest album that you don’t want to miss. Check it out now!

Clay Burton