Crack Of Dawn Newsletter 2019

Crack Of Dawn Newsletter 2019

Crack Of Dawn 2019 Newsletter
This announcement is to thank everyone for the support we’ve received throughout 2019. The group has had some accomplishments and changes as follows:

• January 1, 2019 #30 Top 100 Album, 2019 UK Soul Chart
• January 3, 2019, released Ol Skool Video 442,000 views YouTube
• May 28, 2019, Jazz FM 91 – “Ol Skool” on the Playlist: Soul Nation Jazz FM 91
• July 7, 2019, The Great Hall Documentary Film Shoot by Chaos The Film Company
• July 20, 2019, OLG Main Stage, Toronto
• August 10, 2019, Daniel’s Private Party where we took that wonderful picture above and also
welcomed Dennis Nieves as a new member
• August 24, 2019, create lists of songs for recording consideration contracted D. Menace
Music Production
• October 2019, picked 5 singles to begin recording process of new music and sound for
Crack Of Dawn
• October 2019 submitted “Ol Skool Remix” single and video for Juno Nominations
• December 2019 released “It’s Christmas Time” #5 Top 10 Wave 94.7 FM HD2 Southern
Ontario’s Smoothest Groove Wave.FM 94.7 FM HD2
Thanks for all the support we’ve received from all our fans, radio, radio promotions, TV and Music critics, Distributors, Filmmakers and all those that have contributed to our success, so far.
Individual Acknowledgements to the following:

• Carolyn McMaster, Chaos A Film Company
• Paula LeTang-Loblack, CJRU “All About The Funk”, Toronto
• Wave.Fm 94.7FM HD2, Southern Ontario’s Smoothest Groove, Mary Kirk, Stu Berketo and
all the DJs
• Mark Daniels
• Pete Bassett, Quite Great Promotions, UK
• Parallel Vision Productions, Michelle Melles, Pedro Orrego
• NRW Film Productions, Nicholette Williams
• Dennis Nieves, D. Menace Music
• Eric Alper, That Eric Alper Canada
• All the wonderful DJs & radio stations in the UK, Canada and around the world that have
been faithfully playing our music
• Bill & Jesse King Show, Soul Nation Jazz FM 91, Toronto
• Third World, Richard Daley & Cat Coore for all their professional & emotional support
• Kate Henderson, Henderson, and Co.- Entertainment & Trademark Law

So, it’s a wrap for 2019 and the start of a new year and a new decade, we will be making some huge moves in 2020. We can’t do this without the support of our Friends and Fans, so please like us on the social media platforms and listen to us by streaming on this link Digital Service Providers (DSP)

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