“Crazy” by Singer Juliana Hale

Singer Juliana Hale and rapper/emcee Derek Minor bring a wealth of swagger to the world in their new track, “Crazy”. All the pressures of building a career, answering to various deadlines and being accountable could make any feel a bit crazy – but in this particular song, it’s the sound that keeps you wanting more. Drizzled with cobalt beats and rhythms, “Crazy” propels the listener to a secluded, but invigorating state-of-mind. Minor also produced the spot, and can be seen in the magnetic music video. A perfect pair, and a beat that justifies the trip – Hale and Minor have packaged “Crazy” to the top.

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Hale has the ability to sing smoothly and charismatically. When the beat and tempo increase, she amps up the speed and it’s a flurry of melodic mojo. This might be the only time she loses it – her mind that is – is when people are trying to tell her what to do. You get a solid sense that as an artist she alone has a vision of what she’s up against, and how she’s going to sculpt her own sound, her own career. Highlighting the track is the equally charismatic and gregarious Minor. The pair have a definite chemistry and their voices really bounce off each other wonderfully. “Crazy” has such a fine ‘chill’ vibe happening for it, and Minor’s pace slides right into the groove seamlessly.

Juliana Hale feat Derek Minor – Crazy (Official Music Video)

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The bass tones throb subtly. The music bedrock is an amalgamation of modern bells and whistles, and rotating cycles. It’s not quite a calming beat – but again that laid back, drowsy vibe is quite interesting considering the lyrics are about everyone sticking their nose in Hale’s business. I think this song is also about a relationship with the music business (and the people in her life).

In the song’s music video, directed by Robby Starbuck, Hale is depicted as being stuck in the middle (like she’s a target) on a red-and-black wheel. She’s wearing a vertical black and white striped outfit that makes your eyes go a little jittery. It’s like a funhouse, with the walls around  all blacked out. When she’s off the spinning wheel (of confusion and disarray) she’s sitting or standing confidently, as if she were standing up to let others know that she has a good head on her shoulders. It reminded me of being on a life’s big wheel of decisions – and wanting to get off when the time is right for you, not for anyone else.


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“Crazy” showcases Hale’s rousing vocals and her solid artistry. This is a great R&B song that blends itself with electronica and pop leanings. Hale has the talent and is intriguing enough to take this song to the stratosphere. It’s got a killer hook, and her voice is spellbinding. If going crazy means listening to the song “Crazy” over and over, I’m willing to take that leap. “Crazy” is the perfect antidote to boring songs, and indie music’s much needed makeover. It’s fresh, it’s real and Hale is a force to be reckoned with.

Clay Burton