“Culture Fix Culture Fix: How to Create a Great Place to Work” by Colin Ellis 

“Culture Fix Culture Fix: How to Create a Great Place to Work” by Colin Ellis 

A plethora of books regarding healthy business and organizational culture line are available for those interested in the subject but few carry the same authority as those from English author Colin Ellis. Ellis has multiple decades of experience as an author, consultant, and public speaker on not just implementing healthy organizational and corporate culture but making the necessary tweaks along the way to sustain it over the long haul. His latest book Culture Fix: How to Create a Great Place to Work is, arguably, his finest work on the topic to date and, though there are fundamentals everyone should observe, never implies there is an one size fits all approach to achieving these ends. Ellis’ approach emphasizes creativity and an innate understanding of human nature rounds it off well. His vibrant personality comes through during the course of Culture Fix and enlivens it with the same humor and wit he brings to his public speaking engagements. If you think that, by its nature, a book on this subject will be an uneventful though informative read, Ellis’ book disabuses you of that notion with haste.

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The notion of six pillars forming a framework for what Ellis defines as the essentials of culture is an imaginative way of viewing the issue at hand. Personality and Communication, Vision, Values, Behavior, Collaboration, and Innovation are, respectively, concepts Ellis believes any business or organizational structure must develop for a healthy culture. He explores them in a comprehensive but never exhaustive fashion; Ellis wants this to be a productive experience for readers, not a long slog into boredom. To this end, he has an unerring instinct for zeroing in on what are the most important aspects of the aforementioned pillars and supports his arguments with ample research that amplifies his conclusions. The personality mentioned earlier makes the main body of the book a lively read.

You can tell Ellis has been writing and thinking about this subject for many years. The preface touches on the attitude he had as a young man wondering why a book like Culture Fix wasn’t readily available to help professionals plot an effective course for transforming their surrounding culture. The same quasi-missionary zeal he felt then is one of the book’s guiding inspirations and you can feel his passion for the subject throughout the book. He doesn’t drone on and on, thankfully, and approaches readers with an inviting air, never talking down to them, but never pulling his punches either. His case for what makes and sustains a healthy organizational culture is made in a clear and concise fashion and he stands by it without fail.

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Culture Fix: How to Create a Great Place to Work will be a favorite for many professionals and organization leaders who give it a chance. His lessons and insights are never earth shattering, per se, but it often takes a well-versed outside to make the necessary observations that spur us to take needed action. Ellis’ long and irrefutable credentials make him perfect for this role and his skills as a writer shape this book into an ideal text for such an endeavor.

Clay Burton